Simple Copper Mob Farm! [NO Redstone] 420 copper/hr

July 23, 2021 by 37 Comments

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Copper ingot farm using drowneds by converting zombies from a general mob farm. No redstone, easy build, simple setup, efficient rates.

World Download: (tutorial world)
(redstone version)

TangoTek custom copper farm:
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0:00 Intro
0:32 Why farm copper
3:15 How it works
6:02 Why designed this way
8:27 Inner workings
12:54 Block Tutorial
45:29 How to run it
47:16 More tips
50:00 Outro

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Simple Copper Mob Farm! [NO Redstone] 420 copper/hr

Rays Works


37 Replies to “Simple Copper Mob Farm! [NO Redstone] 420 copper/hr”

  1. 420 = funni numba

  2. Qwasr says:

    Does it work with turtle eggs?

  3. Welcome to another episode of "Intentionally Made with precision"

  4. Rays Works says:

    No redstone copper farm using a general mob farm! What new thing did you learn from this video?
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    ►Farm everything document:

  5. 1 minute ago, 3 views

  6. OmitMC says:

    Rays Works is really underrated. He gives us all these useful farms even if the update is just new <3

  7. I'm so early that the video quality is 360p ._.

  8. CosmoEpic says:

    Peak perfection with 420 drops per hour

  9. TimeDeos says:

    funny number

  10. 420 Copper per hour is quite sus ngl.

  11. Shubh sharma says:

    am I the only one who can play it in only 360 p

  12. B2 says:

    When u come ah early that the quality isn't even HD yet

  13. TornadoWiz says:

    This is the longest tutorial I have ever seen

  14. Rabbit farm and warden farm and Rail cannon and mobs switch and bee nest farm and magma cube farm please

  15. Casual Goats says:

    420 copper an hour.
    Just what i like to see.

  16. mmmmmmmm
    crispy 144p hahahaha

    but, just how perfect the copper per hour is?

  17. Yes you did a tutorial like I asked for on the stream! Thank you!

  18. I have a feeling that when you killed that drown, it didn't drop copper the first time.

  19. Perfect amount of copper

  20. How are you doing today Ray?

  21. Memor22 says:

    Ey rays what happend to the resolution?

  22. Mobsy says:

    420 blazing copper wow

  23. Backdraft says:

    I really think they should make husks drop sand in vanilla. We need sand farms!! Great farm as always!

  24. Snorting Copper makes you high confirmed

  25. Today I learnt husks can drown into zombies.

  26. kesav0108 s says:

    Omg it toke long time know I saw the stream

  27. keratexas says:

    hehe it is the funni weed number

  28. Didn't need a copper farm, don't want one, but his videos are so entertaining I stayed

  29. Justin Pyle says:

    excellent! A copper farm i can actually use!