The Fastest CPU on the Planet – HOLY $H!T

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Our friend Wendell from Level One Techs was able to loan us TWO of AMD’s new Epyc Milan workstation CPU featuring 64 cores, 128 threads, and support for 128 PCIe Gen 4 lanes all on their new Zen 3 architecture. This thing is FAST.

Check out the AMD EPYC Milan 7763 CPU at

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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:54 Epyc 7763
1:51 Intel Comparison
3:03 Motherboard and Cooling
3:58 The GPU
4:51 Milan Specs
6:01 Cinebench Performance
7:18 Blender Performance
8:47 Games
10:15 Noise
11:02 Final Thoughts


49 Replies to “The Fastest CPU on the Planet – HOLY $H!T”

  1. AtariKafa says:

    We need GPU !!!!

  2. Pratik says:

    Can you please ship me one 3080Ti , i will pay for it if needed as i have to build a pc and cant find it anywhere ?

  3. Kayvon Javid says:

    Lol my M1 MacBook Pro cannot even handle 8k

  4. awlabrador says:

    $8000 for a CPU? Yawn. For that money, I could just buy one of those Mac Pros and get an actual computer. And yet somehow LTT would still say I’m paying too much.

  5. Jo Reven says:

    "My PS4 sounds like it's going to take off!"
    Linus: 10:20

  6. Haven't had a h@lly $h*t episode for a long time

  7. AiO TAMiL says:

    I like that bad boys🥰🥰🥰

  8. Ainox7 says:

    My whole pc cost 3 times less money then this

  9. quiksol says:

    but can it run windows 11?

  10. Happy Canada Day Linus!!

  11. KeinNiemand says:

    128 core CPUs when?

  12. Mo Kazi says:

    i wanna see how many chrome tabs the new epyc cpu can handle 👀

  13. dykyp says:

    As a cancer research scientist I can recommend genome sequencing analysis or even genome assembly would keep this processor busy 🙂
    If you help I'm here in the comments 😉

  14. Leo Reyes says:

    Wendel is like the tech meat dealer

  15. Senua says:

    I dont understand anything about pc
    I have a friend that does but he is mad of me asking everything.
    So Im here trying to understand.

  16. Hoang D says:

    testing Epyc cpu without benchmarking it with Crysis CPU rendering is a shame

  17. Googlar says:

    8,000 isn't even that bad for such a powerful CPU. It has more than 10 times more cores than your standard 6 core CPU, far better energy efficiency, and support for various enterprise/ HEDT features, like tons of PCI-E lanes.

  18. 1:00 so U lied when you said the fastest…. – speed doesn't always equate horsepower – it's like saying "a Tank is the fastest vehicle on this planet" a Bugatti Veyron is not a Tank.

  19. Jose Garcia says:

    Just imagine a 4 way socket motherboard when using this processor instead of 2, while having the max out ram configuration. It’s basically a working god like pc if that ever happened

  20. I always dreamed of a big gigabyte cache cpu guess that won't be a dream no more, WoW!

  21. Vilda says:

    Benchmarks on Arch Linux, because latest kernel and simply Linux works better on AMD and more cores.

  22. Chris C says:

    Need a dual socket, 30 players 1 tower build.

  23. Musk Melon says:

    i feel like I don't even wanna buy a computer now

  24. Omnorimli says:

    i really wanna see multiple gaming stations running off of one of these

  25. Chris Vashck says:

    Intel left the chat ….

  26. Kiyo Senpai says:

    But what about running MSFS2020 on it?

  27. You can configure IaaS or PaaS with this hardware

  28. 9:44
    Linus: I'm broken!
    Lando Norris: belgium 2019 flashbacks

  29. 3000doombot says:

    A cpu that can finally keep up with all my chrome tabs. Don't tell google or they'll patch it out i'm sure.

  30. William says:

    Damn. You couldn't even get one pci gen 4 lane out of 10th gen Intel.

  31. Suyash says:

    Looks like this can handle zoom meetings very well.

  32. Roary says:

    can you make corridor digital a wrendering server, and a storage server.

  33. DMplayz says:

    ME Dying when he drew on the cpu:(

  34. Calvin Trinh says:

    Still slower than mac pro wheels

  35. Who's the girl with the lazy eye?

  36. Sillyhatday says:

    I want to see Crysis run again, but with the CPU doing the GPU job like last time. So we can see how much further we have come. No Cuda cores needed when you've 256 CPU threads!

  37. eaglefalcon says:

    A cpu so fast it can emulate a GPU. This is how we really get around the GPU shortage

  38. Robin says:

    you should play minecraft with this system but on the lowest settings at 1080p lol

  39. rare says:

    Can’t wait to pick this up on eBay in a decade for a couple of quid

  40. 2fast4you says:

    64 cores under 60 fps screen GG rofl

  41. OMEN says:

    Finally something fast enough for online classes

  42. Joao Martins says:

    Linus was placing the RAM Backwards

  43. When a 64 cores consume nearly as much as an oc 10900k lol

  44. Edo says:

    Folding at home haha

  45. Chess engines would love to take a piece of this cake.