Automatic Copper Block Waxing Machine Tutorial! | Minecraft 1.17.1+, Compact

August 4, 2021 by 27 Comments

Copper is a new Minecraft 1.17 block that ages slowly on it’s own over time. If you’ve ever wanted copper blocks to only age to a certain point and then stop this is the machine for you! In this tutorial I show you how to build an automatic copper block waxing machine for each stage of copper block. These machines are compact, if spaced right efficient, and Minecraft 1.17+ friendly.

0:00 – hi its me
0:48 – first stage
1:04 – exposed copper block
3:53 – weathered copper block
6:28 – oxidized copper block
7:49 – machine spacing



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27 Replies to “Automatic Copper Block Waxing Machine Tutorial! | Minecraft 1.17.1+, Compact”

  1. wattles says:

    another route you could go is to place all of your copper blocks spread out on the ground, let them age, manually shave off the oxidization, and wax! these machines are the way to go for automation though!

  2. Kyle Sumner says:

    Farms again yayyyyyyyy (sarkastick)

  3. Milan Stepan says:

    Can you made a rl craft series pls

  4. No build for george yet
    He is so old

  5. Abhinav SK says:

    When you are so early, you had to comment

  6. Suneet says:

    Waeles (british accent wattles)

  7. İsa Sakarya says:

    Do you like farms or naturalness?

  8. S B says:

    Finally a use for zombie meat

  9. I expected quite a few farms or things of the sort
    Never did I expect an auto copper waxing station

    Gotta say it seems pretty cool

  10. Tea Is great says:

    I don't really need this kind of machine , BUT its a wattlles video , I must watch it , its the LAW

  11. Hey hey there nice to see you but i have to say it is 12:00 am here but still wort the wait

  12. Der Babo says:

    Its triggering me that His platforms arrade Out of dirt😂

  13. Red Wolf says:

    Wattles is really has a 100000000 iQ brain.

  14. According to Brandon Pearce, the reason for changing the name "grimstone" to "deepslate" was because the word "grim" had too many connotations related to a negative feeling and therefore did not accurately describe the block as to what it actually was. The name "deepslate" was eventually chosen because of its location within the world and to more accurately represent that it is a type of slate.

  15. Elie Heath says:

    Wax on, wattels!

  16. Since the aging of copper is random tick based there's a chance that the block will age twice in quick succession meaning that you might get the wrong stage of the copper block.
    This isn't really a big deal though because you can just scrape the extra layers off and re-wax it.

  17. Its 11.30 pm whenever wattles upload
    In india
    I wish he changes him upload timing
    For every peoples sake
    I mean im not complaining
    But it would be better

  18. Won't the first item despawn in the weathered copper block machine if the copper doesn't age within 5 minutes?

  19. Good to know if I ever need coper

  20. Why there is so much less lets play? 🙁 Even when we got lets play its like 10 minutes ..

  21. dire saint says:

    I love you man… But, unless is places and harvest's the block I don't consider it worth building.

  22. Widith says:

    Even this is complicated for my redstone skills

  23. I have a subreddit r/Noney_the_dog_mc

  24. Love all of the creative farm ideas man! Thanks for all of the content you bring us and how every step is walked through and actually makes sense (unlike some other mc youtubers)!