Huge Copper Cube Casting – Trash To Treasure – ASMR Metal Casting – BigStackD Casting Copper

Hey guys how are all you beautiful people going today? Now if you like Copper you are going to love todays video where i take a heap of old dirty copper pipes and cast a awesome solid Copper Cube . I mirror it up and it came out great. I also melted a big brass nut from a woodchip wagon into some of my new custom coin molds. Bruce’s Custom Coin Link is below. I hope you enjoy the video and ill see you all next Friday for another melt.
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I start with an 80 grit flap disc on my angle grinder then I use my drill with 50 mm round sanding discs . I start with 150 grit then go through the following Grits 240-400-800 Then once I get to the following Grits I use a small squirt of WD-40 1200-1500-2000-2500-3000. The WD40 helps to lubricate the discs and stops the sanding disk binding up with the metal powder . Then after that I use my buffer wheel on my bench grinder to get a perfect mirrored finish on it??????.



Huge Copper Cube Casting – Trash To Treasure – ASMR Metal Casting – BigStackD Casting Copper


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  1. G’day guys I hope all is well, today’s piece came out a lot better than I thought it would and I’m very happy to add it to my collection. Over 8.5 kg closer to my target of 1 Tonne. I also do some cool custom coins designed by my mate Bruce. He’s located in New Zealand so if you check him out be sure to let him know I sent ya😁Copper pours are definitely my favourite as it pours like water when it’s heated right. Now I’m Creeping up close to 1,000,000 subs so I will need to find something bigger than I’ve ever done before I reckon🤔. Anyway everyone have a great weekend , stay safe and I’ll see you all next Friday😁👋🏻

  2. The Hottest channel on youtube

  3. LODE STONE says:

    The lord of blocks

  4. Damn I forgot it was Friday 😍😍

  5. ee Y says:

    Hello, I like watching your videos, and the dogs are very cute

  6. Anh Minh DIY says:

    I love the effect when you pour molten metal in a new mold

  7. Gozokukolat says:

    DUFFMAN approves!

  8. Love a Friday melt…how is tin?

  9. T-F-M JACE says:

    Does your garage door have a burn mark on it yet?

  10. Why do I keep wanting to call that giant block of copper your new Companion Cube? It doesn't even look like one!

  11. Toby Spencer says:

    Getting some fancy camera work in at the end there. Nice.

  12. Ser Karr says:

    Melt SILVER please.

  13. Eger Viktor says:

    Guten Tag aus germanii. 👍 👌 💪

  14. I was pretty excited about today's video. I love a good copper melt and you didn't disappoint, I woke 4:00am EST, USA. to see your video was ready so knowing that it was going to be a heavy copper melt I made myself a large cup of coffee 19 ounces ( about .56L ) and sat down to enjoy the melt, it was fantastic! The coins came out good too but that copper cube was NICE!!
    Excellent video and Have a good weekend all!

  15. Say ur dogs name pls

  16. I love how this guy melts more efficiently than a foundry I used to work at 🤣🤣

  17. Toni Ion says:

    I ❤… YOU ….🐶..🐕

  18. wayne levi says:

    Had to replay that big copper pour a few times, really satisfying hearing that much metal pour.

  19. 34THINFANTRY says:

    The Copper is always the best!

  20. ?????? says:

    10 mm sockets are the rarest of them all, I only have two of them.

  21. Sid Colwell says:

    You don't need a bigger container for your 10mm socket. You need a bigger garage. 🇺🇸🇦🇺👍

  22. Am still trying to from my 10mm from my 2 year old for over 2 months

  23. Is that a Harley head?

  24. My favourite shape of metal is c u b e and I loved the vid

  25. What happens if you overheat brass and how do you know you’ve done that?

  26. Nick says:

    I just had a storm the other day here that lasted literally 5 minutes and wouldn't ya know my tied on motorcycle cover went away and never came back.

  27. Artem Popkov says:

    make a Dwemer Puzzle Cube, from quest The Litany of Larceny of Thieves Guild, skyrim

  28. Tom Fisher says:

    The ever elusive 10mm socket…..LOL

  29. DarkDao says:

    Praise The Cube!

  30. привет мне очень нравятся твои видео желаю всего наилучшего

  31. Huh. Pulp Fiction was right!

  32. Neil says:

    I would love to see a treasure chest full of Ur creations

  33. JDM Jesus says:

    That cube is a keeper. Polished copper really is the best metal, looks better than gold!

  34. @bigstackD Casting is copper worth more in ingot form? If so what’s your source for all the values???

  35. Relyonno1 says:

    Now that's an element cube!

  36. You should start casting larger and larger cubes

  37. Your almost 1000kg man
    Dont give up❤💪

  38. U WOT M8!? says:

    Damn, I work with copper and I know how expensive this shit has become, you're doing yourself a favour by doing this lol