Sony’s $3,000 MiniDisc PC from Japan – Vaio PCV-MX2

August 13, 2021 by 43 Comments

Exploring a multimedia PC from the year 2000: the Sony Vaio PCV-MX2! And it’s a beautiful silver hi-fi beast of a thing. Not only is it a Windows 98 desktop computer, but it’s packing a built-in amplifier, CD/DVD player, FM radio, and a MiniDisc drive, all usable via remote control. Fantastic hardware that was only sold in Japan, let’s test it out!

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43 Replies to “Sony’s $3,000 MiniDisc PC from Japan – Vaio PCV-MX2”

  1. I miss Sony PCs, here in the US market I had a couple of their VAIO desktops made for video editing and they were tanks. Up until last year I still had one of their P4 systems with RAID IDE drives running a Minecraft server for the kids.

  2. Simon says:

    "High quality excellence"
    The video: farts

  3. bombwrld says:

    id love to have this as a main retro gaming rig

  4. Lukeno52 says:

    Sony did come out with some really unusual systems back then – some of their laptops were supremely advanced for the time in terms of features or form factor.

  5. Me2 says:

    Techmoan is drooling right now! lol

  6. ZipplyZane says:

    Even keeping it as a time capsule, I'd at least try out replacing the hard drive to see if it age and such is the cause of the stuttering.

    And if there were ones that came with 128MB (like my Windows 98 SE I bought in 1999), you might try upgrading the memory.

    It would still be period, just with some restoration and improvements that could have been done at the time.

  7. Daniel Cayea says:

    Clint, when you are hunting, see if you can get your hands on the media center VAIO that came with the 100 disc DVD changer attachment…

  8. SoberDwarf says:

    7:04 I groaned so loud at that my roommate asked me what was wrong, so I showed her and then she audibly groaned as well.

    Good job.

  9. Ryan L. says:

    My first laptop (hand me down) was a Sony Vaio. I even had Bleem running on it! 🤯

  10. James Lewis says:

    I really liked the MiniDisc format. Unfortunately because Sony kept it OEM it never really took off before MP3 players started to appear and just wiped out pretty much all physical media for music and USB pen drives did the same for data.

    This seems to be quite a nice Windows 98 machine. There are a few upgrades I would want to do to it, such as switching out that hard drive for a solid state drive and maybe a more powerful GPU, but this is one of those machines I doubt you would want to change too much.

  11. Kalvinjj says:

    I can only imagine the Windows 98 boot up sound with those speakers.
    I just had to change the Windows 10 start up sound (and ENABLE IT…) to the 98 one

  12. Onboard Aureal Vortex is great but it does require me to log on and say: Screw you, Creative.

  13. a says:

    What an unbelievably rad computer – pirate Kid A off Napster and transfer that into a green neon transparent minidisc for the ultimate turn of the millenium experience

  14. Random Vox says:

    I'm curious how well this expensive rig will run that impossible-to-run POD racer seeing this thing has a P3 and TNT2 card in it.

  15. Wumbology says:

    I'm amused by how much English there is on a machine sold specifically in Japan. Seems a bit odd

  16. Wait. That Ram is for malaysia made. I notice on the marker.

  17. Cheap gamer says:

    get a compact flash to ide adapter and clone the hdd to a compact flash card

  18. Juh-Roon says:

    I literally thought that first shot was an actual HiFi chain. Man, I'd love me a case like that.

  19. We just don’t get things like this now

  20. That is one hell of a rad PC.

  21. This is actually a lot of bang for your buck, it does just about anything you could want around this time. I can easily see someone in Japan opting to buy this verses a radio, a MiniDisc recorder, and a computer. I wish Oem was this good now a days, heaven forbid you want two more usbs.

  22. johis69 says:

    Those radio stations are actually hard coded in to most radios. You would get the station name based on the frequency, regardless of whether or not it is actually the station in question, or just same frequency. Anyway, brilliant machine and very funky in its own right.

  23. TechBaffle says:

    Damn this reminds me of both looking at Mini and Micro Systems, and Desktop PC's – at the same time!

    Anyone else loved going through catalogues as a kid?

  24. Frank says:

    Considering how crappy Sony is in computers and audio…. I'm rather surprised it lasted that long being both.

  25. DannyB587 says:

    I miss the days when PC manufacturers would make things like this. Modern PCs are so boring.

  26. Lala Fafa says:

    Farts, they are everywhere!

  27. Ian Clark says:

    bruh, imagine dropping 3 grand on a Desktop and not being able to burn CDs

  28. Aner says:

    It's not karaoke unless you sing along dude!

  29. pfzt says:

    Aww, i love MiniDisc so much! It was so futuristic back then and it's really sad that it never catched on. Sure, the timing and competition were factors but Sony did so many things wrong, it's almost unbelievable.

  30. Maël says:

    What a great video !!!! Love it

  31. Daniel Lopez says:

    I can See Techmoan Clobbering for this Machine already!

  32. pvtpain66k says:

    28:38 that was wonderful, I legitimately loled at the chaos & farts, A+.

  33. Ian Coates says:

    The MX-5 iteration, put it in your MX-5, so you can MX-5 while you MX-5.

  34. PCMCIA Modem combo board, nice! And I thought my SCSI Sound card combo board was weird.

  35. Pillokun says:

    Pretty fun to see the big differences in what was popular pc wise in different countries. Here in Sweden usually prebuilt/oem system like these were more or less a company leasing thing, the big thing here in Sweden was what it seems in US is being "boutique built" systems. Ie a complete system built by a store as it offered so much freedom. First pc for us "millennials" was often such a machine that we then upgraded soon after how ever we wanted because every component was third party stuff from Asus, MSI, Abit and what not. Way cheaper than the Sony, HP, Dell, Gateway and IBM where were the most popular among wealthy families having parents working for Volvo cars or similar big companies at that time here in Sweden.

  36. LilMikeyDood says:

    Please upload the farts video you made to YouTube 🙂

  37. funghazi says:

    I used to have a computer with a cassette drive, it was a serial port device, maybe it's buried in there.

  38. PG says:

    Thanks. Now I had to go and install SC3k Unlimited.

  39. I believe some releases of AOE2 lacked the CD audio tracks. I think I ran into that issue recently.

  40. Jerther says:

    For the performance hiccups in Q2, have you tried checking DMA in the hard drive properties in the device manager? It usually helps a lot.

  41. GAMMA XII says:

    Hey, A Sony SDM M81

  42. Tim O'Brien says:

    Way too much idle time on that AoE game. Still playing AoE2 these days?