Top 10 Minecraft Mods (1.17.1) – 2021

August 3, 2021 by 26 Comments

Minecraft 1.17 is here, and the mods are quickly updating! Here’s my first top 10 Minecraft mods video for 1.17.1, enjoy!

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0:00 Intro


0:39 Origins –

1:16 Fresh Animations –

1:36 Village Spawn Point –

1:52 Auto Planting Forests –

2:06 Fishing Real –

2:21 Repurposed Structures –

2:46 Xaero’s Mini and World Map –

3:11 Sodium and Iris –

3:45 BetterEnd and BetterNether –

4:06 Biomes O’ Plenty –

4:36 Outro

Minecraft Forge –

Fabric –


C418 – dragon fish


26 Replies to “Top 10 Minecraft Mods (1.17.1) – 2021”

  1. Antlerblox says:

    Intro just has glow squids casually flying around a tree

  2. 1:22 Enderman Shippuden

  3. _zau15_ says:

    The jungle fortress looks so cool

  4. Duane Nelson says:

    If only I didn't have a freaking Xbox

  5. Zachyboi says:

    ah yes, i love flying glow squids

  6. Ny W says:

    Are u eyeball

  7. muddou says:

    I think sodium doesn't work on integrated graphics, with optifine I get 100 to 150 fps and with sodium it never surpasses 80
    Anyone else that tested with an APU or integrated graphics can confirm?

  8. Ny W says:

    This was a good list I’m gonna get the village spawn point maybe

  9. Something that is more notable for sodium on lower end machines, optifine for me is still better because FPS stability is worse on sodium than optifine, no FPS booster can match opti on fps stability

  10. Edin says:

    I don't care if I know the mods! At least im watching you!

  11. Is there a 1.17.1 fabric Jei type mod?

  12. you should show the frisk superhero mod. best superhero mod i have ever played

  13. Samuel Lao says:

    The resource pack has a new version?! LETS GOO

  14. Tranquillity says:

    When I use shaders on iris it's like they are running at 1x res so it look quite bad at 1080p Is there any fix for this??

  15. does the fresh animations resource pack not work for 1.17.1?

  16. I really don't get why people like origins mod

  17. Dawidolino says:

    bro u dont need sodium with that pc

  18. Gikame says:

    Dont stress your intros that much or do you wanna get over 10 minutes and actually make money 😛
    Love ya AHS xD

  19. ADHDegree says:

    For some reason, having better nether and better end in my server would occasuonally delete the biomes from the level.dat file

  20. What is the name of the shader at 3:33 plss

  21. Brandocks says:

    This is one of your best collections to date. I'm very interested in mods that seem to enhance the vanilla feel and experience of the game, rather than trying to introduce new complex systems.

  22. Personally I prefer Oh The Biomes you will go, but Biomes o Plenty is really good as well.

  23. Zagradovska says:

    What happens when you drop a stack of saplings? Or does it only work with saplings dropped straight from trees?

  24. RageDistrict says:

    srsly, when will sodium update to 1.17.1