Seared Steak with Pan Sauce – You Suck at Cooking (episode 132)

September 9, 2021 by 34 Comments

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Seared steak is something you might want to try if you like steak and you enjoy burning things.


Streak Recipe:
Cook the steak the way I mentioned.

Also, check out these links, which some of this info was derived from. The Food Lab is an excellent resource for information that’s actually tested. And the steak myths link is also great.

If you still want me to write out everything from the video I will. Just remind me please.


34 Replies to “Seared Steak with Pan Sauce – You Suck at Cooking (episode 132)”

  1. frosted1030 says:

    Can your pan handle banging around with a cast iron pan? Pick one up by Lodge for $25 at Walmart and smash them together, last pan standing wins.

  2. MrGrubiffy says:

    Didn't you go meat free for a bit? I was confussed seeing a steak, but happy none the less 😀

  3. you should make anzac bikkies

  4. Matt Earles says:

    The "barbeque" sounded awfully Canadian

  5. Anya Klum says:

    This video:

    50% just jokes
    50% life-changing advice (ie. "just like a turtle it will rise")

  6. Raddy_Nero says:

    It's hard to believe I've been watching these for years

  7. Paul Albert says:

    I like my steak inhalable dust

  8. Bob Man says:

    This bloke almost turned into how to basic

  9. mekore says:

    at last one put a nail in the coffin.. i mean nails..

  10. Siddich says:

    damned. i knew it. should not have taken tardigrade oil for my steaks…

  11. charlton 22 says:

    Return of the mac

  12. Minh Nguyen says:

    Did Chef Jean-Pierre's video influence this?

  13. AnimePabu says:

    I like mine at inhaled dust 10/10

  14. So glad I found this channel again

  15. ceee preemee says:

    0:59 You thought you could just slip that one in without anyone noticing
    Well, if its only that thick… 😅

  16. Oh goodness, was that a feet reveal???

  17. Savion says:

    I don’t think people appreciate the stop motion and editing enough

  18. Damn is my tardigrade oil the reason my steaks have been lackluster all this time??

  19. Jessie's says:

    You totally forgot pans are good for self defense also if you dont have anything else and you dont want to cook. Marketing 😉 another reason to buy the pan** lol..
    I gotta quit giving free marketing/buisness advice lol..

  20. Jessie's says:

    Build-a-bear needs wangjanglers that say undos at 4hundo. And some of your other common phrases and a you suck a cooking. What was the one crazy wangjanglers name that come alive and was in those four or five videos? Hey ahould make it!! Be the most unique build a bear ever!!

  21. XPNDBLhero says:

    I toast meat for my girl all the time and she shows me she's satisfied by not talking the whole time she's eating…. LoL
    Edit: 4:19 – I was not prepared for that. 😐 But I'd probably do it if I got an awesome $75 ($60 when you use code YSAC at checkout) pan out of the deal. 😁

  22. I prefer the old nothing of the new I look at my steak vs yours and I like the colour and flavour of mine far more than your dude reverse sear 100 precent of the time of hickory. Low and slow till she’s seared. If it’s not wrong why change it bro

  23. Should change the name of the Chanel because you such at cooking lmao you didn’t sear the fat. We don’t do that on coals bruh

  24. You do suck at cooking

  25. Sumin says:

    4:20 my heart was not prepared.

  26. Riss Tommo says:

    This is the first time I actually watch the sponsor part and enjoy it 😂

  27. what am i going to do with all this squirrel oil

  28. This made my day!! OMG!! The 4:19 mark ROFL!!! Thank you SO MUCH for making these videos!

  29. Niko Leven says:

    That marbling is beautiful

  30. AoD Wexler says:

    The point of pulling the meat out is to temper for an even cook and a better quality center, and sear.