Three Weird 90s Computer Mice: Burgers, Corvettes, and Chaos

September 24, 2021 by 29 Comments

Unboxing and testing these weird old mice! Computer mice, of course. Checking out the Burger Mouse, the Corvette Motor Mouse, and the Media/Melody Mouse, along with their included software. All from the mid nineties and all kinds of gimmicky Oddware.

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00:00 Three Weird Mice Intro
01:44 The Mouse-Burger
09:20 The Motor Mouse
19:32 The Media Mouse

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29 Replies to “Three Weird 90s Computer Mice: Burgers, Corvettes, and Chaos”

  1. BlackIce504 says:

    fun fact the hamburger mouse was in the movie coming to America, I also remember seen the mouse at McDonald's head office in Australia when i was around 10 or so.

  2. lilpeep says:

    Im misding the odd ware videos

  3. 4:26 Well now I’m wondering if you bought a Corvette for the next mouse ☺

  4. 14:52 Wow, I’ve never seen an animated cursor!!

  5. I like those lights, but I do think it looked better when one went out. Probably just me. I foil my windows.

  6. Qimat Swift says:

    I haven’t seen many of your videos with face reveal but you are so cute!! Love being able to see your face while you talk.

  7. Nintendoge says:

    I love gimmicky mice, games, controllers, keyboards, all of that. Definitely the videos I tend to click on the most from you. Great one!

  8. Hahaha I really had that burger mouse and played x-wing with it.

  9. Jormunguandr says:

    Amusing. Now I wanna order one serial double cheese burger from my burger joint 🙂

  10. Mark Harris says:

    As a good Catholic boy taught by the nuns in the ‘60s, hearing you say "I'll just run over a nun real quick'' made me smile more than it should have done.

  11. tomcrew10 says:

    Would love to see more vids like this

  12. "Time to blow myself up in a corner" in Duke Nukem voice cracked me up

  13. Jory Bosnič says:

    One of the first videos of yours I watched was your review of the 'Sexy Mouse'. Nice to know we've come full circle haha

  14. Brandon P says:

    18:29 Watch out all nuns. Clint is driving XD. Run for your lives!

  15. Melody mouse is hilariously awful

  16. Would love to see your take on oddball joysticks because we all know there are tons of them out there

  17. VHS Mikey says:

    When you tried out the real Cheeseburger I remembered why I love this channel.

  18. Irate Beau says:

    as soon as you said "Feival Goes West" I got whiplash. i havent thought of that in so long!

  19. Kosmos Kahnn says:

    That melody mouse should only be used while playing ninja nanny it would add to that games charm

  20. The fact that you had an actual burger to compare to the mouse is just amazing. You absolute mad lad

  21. LabRat Knatz says:

    That melody mouse is like the world's worst theremin.
    I wonder how basic and compatible the software that came with the mouse is? Would it work on an XP or later dual-core? Could make for quite the experience for a guest on a secondary PC.

  22. Burgers, corvettes, and chaos is a good way to describe some of the car meets ive been to.

  23. CAPUSA says:

    That was a sly burgermeister meisterburger reference.

  24. If the room lgr is in in this video was auctioned how much do u think it would net? Comment ur bets below 8)

  25. Car mouses (ahhh(Clint dubbed))

  26. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL the singing 🐁 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. gusherz says:

    The burger mouse reminds me of a cheeseburger telephone I had a long time ago… I loved that thing

  28. extreme egon says:

    i loved that video dude!