Intel NEEDS this to go well…

October 27, 2021 by 27 Comments

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Intel’s Alder Lake is officially the 12th-gen Core CPU, and it has taken performance and efficiency in a dramatic new direction that AMD has yet to follow. Is this the start of a new processor golden age?

Der8auer’s 14nm vs 7nm video:

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0:00 Intro
0:57 Some salty performance numbers
2:04 Is it really all that different? (yes)
3:12 Threads need Direction
4:20 Watt’s a TDP? Enter PBP and MTP
5:39 Built on some number of nanometers Intel now calls 7
6:30 PCI Express gen 4 is already obsolete, except it’s not
8:15 DDR5 XMP DMBT (but also DDR4)
10:19 Pricing and availability


27 Replies to “Intel NEEDS this to go well…”

  1. I was woundering if you can do test for musicproduction and video editing to when you do benchmark and if it is grafics build inside or if you need a graficscard to Best regards Mikael

  2. is that manjaro in the background? distro hopping already Linus?

  3. JoseLgamer says:

    alder lake makes my 6 month old r5 5600x dumb …
    not that i would notice a difference, since i am still running a gtx 960 (silicon shortage is hard)

  4. On Tour says:

    So Intel burns now over 200W when the CPU has the K-mark with a huge price markup. And LTT presented Intel's benchmarks … What is the point here other than burning more Watts and producing more clicks?

  5. j s says:

    Five years ago Intel tried to belittle AMDs 'glue together chips' approach. Funny how they've now seen the light. I hope this 1st iteration sucks for them, to give AMD a chance to catch up a little more in terms of market share. That way we'll have proper competition – and not Intel just 'donating' or 'lobbying' their way to market dominance, and thus monopoly.

  6. KR. Tirtho says:

    That wallpaper! Linus, do you know you just revealed a *BIG SPOILER*

  7. timma100 says:

    First slide at 1 minute… they’re using DDR4 3200 on the 11th gen reference data. And DDR5 4400 on the 12th gen comparative data.. 12th gen supports ddr4, so they could have done a direct comparison with the same memory if they wanted to show just cpu improvement. But they chose not to 🤔

  8. Not even 2 minutes in and there's an asterisk attached to Intels performance metrics…

    Hmm.. 🤔

  9. Lennart Mook says:

    where are the benchmarks? wtf is the point of this video
    nvm i watched it till the end now, pointless hype train video. wasnt worth my time, tahnk you for your shitty title

  10. Man, what a good video

  11. Treviath says:

    I'm happy for you Intel, but 10 years of stagnation gives me a reason to not buy your product

  12. SiggyMe says:

    Do these processors include any innate graphics so a graphics card isn't needed? Needing to update my desktop soon. Nice rundown maybe wouldn't being going to AMD. Geeish!

  13. The x86 platform is getting more power hungry. Kinda get apple's point with the M1.

  14. glad I bought Intel shares on the down

  15. Mike Be says:

    240 WATTS !!! It s a SHAME !

  16. AMD will still be better, due to being consumer friendly and not requiring a new mobo every time they launch a new gen, and they are also cheaper. No "locked/unlocked" chips bullshitery either.

  17. I see manjaro back there 😶

  18. I told you so! Intel hasn't lost yet and eventually they WILL release something that AMD can't compete with.

  19. LedNe0nDevil says:

    Intel Alde Lake: Laptops, Laptops, Laptops.

  20. I've got myself a first gen Ryzen and am super happy with it. That said, I'll upgrade this spring to a next gen Ryzen, Gen 5 PCIE drive, DDR 5 memory, etc, etc. All to play Super Mario on a Nintendo emulator.

  21. LedNe0nDevil says:

    LINUS: Want only desktop cores? AMD IS STILL HERE.

  22. compare them the m1 pro/max chips.

  23. BuyingGF100k says:

    Me: I don’t wanna argue

    Inner me: tell them team red is still better

  24. Considering how excited these guys are about alder lake, I would assume they've already tested quite a bit and that it's pretty damn good. I'm excited to see the benchmark data in a week or so!

  25. Finally I can pat my i3-320M 😅

  26. Mr. Songib says:

    Good for everybody?? i still need to buy new motherboard and the friends.

  27. ayy lmao says:

    love this type of back and forth video between linus and anthony