Scrap Yard Salvage – Triple Metal Melt – Trash To Treasure – ASMR Metal Melting – BigStackD Casting

October 8, 2021 by 30 Comments

Today I go to the scrapyard and look for the ugliest dirtiest thing to melt down. I found some sort of weird light which had an Aluminum casing and Copper and Brass inside. I made around 13 pieces today and added another 3.3KG+ to the stack. So sit back and relax and checkout todays video but most importantly have an awesome safe weekend and see you all next Friday. And if your liking this video i have well over 320 of them now so be sure to check out what you have missed when you get some spare time.
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I start with an 80 grit flap disc on my angle grinder then I use my drill with 50 mm round sanding discs . I start with 150 grit then go through the following Grits 240-400-800 Then once I get to the following Grits I use a small squirt of WD-40 1200-1500-2000-2500-3000. The WD40 helps to lubricate the discs and stops the sanding disk binding up with the metal powder . Then after that I use my buffer wheel on my bench grinder to get a perfect mirrored finish on it.


Scrap Yard Salvage – Triple Metal Melt – Trash To Treasure – ASMR Metal Melting – BigStackD Casting


30 Replies to “Scrap Yard Salvage – Triple Metal Melt – Trash To Treasure – ASMR Metal Melting – BigStackD Casting”

  1. Hey there you sensational subs back again for another scrapyard trip. Today I try to find the ugliest piece of scrap metal and turn it into something a whole lot better, a flawless bar A scrappy copper bar and a heap of coins. So sit back take it easy and tune out from the world’s worries for another video and I’ll see use all again next week same time same place. And above always have an awesome weekend😁👋🏻.

  2. cool guy! hello from Russia! 🙌🏻

  3. GO- RANDOM says:

    that's what i've been waiting for! all side polished block! i can rest in peace

  4. Hey bro how much it'll cost 1 KG ? This scrape

  5. Why does he put gloves on the gas hose?

  6. DEmma1972 says:

    sadface because the socks were not cute

  7. I’ve watch so many of these!!!! It’s oddly satisfying!!!! Have you ever melted all of your bottle caps? I think that would be awesome!!!

  8. As everyone else has said i think this is the best chanel going right now. I would really love it if you would put together a video series teaching the craft to newbies like me. For example the "whys of the what" "why do you need to pre heat the molds?" Why do you need to….that way we can learn how not to blow our face off. Thanks

  9. Almost the weight of a car

  10. Ra's al Ghul says:

    Great videos I really enjoy watching. I think it's time to do it in 4k or at least bump down the compression on the videos.

  11. How does your floor not cave in by all that weight

  12. bomb_ boy says:

    Quick question do you ever sell the big bars you make?

  13. @bigstackd hope you’re doing well,Waiting for your tomorrow uploading

  14. Im from México, Saludos Amigo

  15. Just curious do you pay for what you get from the scrap yard or is it just you take what they couldn't be bothered dealing with

  16. Oh goodness 😣😣 you always keep your food 😋 inside dirty 😜🙂😎😲😳 places, and also touching your food with dirty places. 😜🙂🤣😎🥺🤠❤️💜😎 18:25

  17. 3DMARC says:

    nice where did you get the grinder set? looks realy handy

  18. Jace Yates says:

    Hey! You have a Creality Ender printer! me too!

  19. Jace Yates says:

    when do we see him melt down all those bottle caps?

  20. Wowww nice video sir i like you channel

  21. Erdem K. says:

    Peace never was an option…

  22. Paul S says:

    When I saw that Ryobi, I said "What the hell???!"… lol, thanks for keeping it interesting! Cheers from Florida's panhandle.

  23. budgiebreder says:

    I would love to see an epic wires only meltdown. Like find some massive huge cables and/or a crapload of tiny messed up tangled no hope left cables and transform them to 🤩

  24. Like this channel. What do they say when greeting each other down there? Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!? So strange.
    Edit: here in TX we just shoot to say hello

  25. Simon A says:

    Ever thought about getting a full skip load delivered ?

  26. Ali says:

    Mr. Ice-cream Man just doesn't learn his lesson. Smh.

  27. allen Henry says:

    Do you have to get some kinda permanent to be able to melt, the were you are at?

  28. "I have the perfect tool to remove this carefully"
    procceeds to bring out sledgehammer