True Facts: The Mosquito

October 9, 2021 by 28 Comments

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28 Replies to “True Facts: The Mosquito”

  1. zefrank1 says:

    Learn to think! Happy to be sponsored by
    First 200 people get 20% off the annual Premium subscription.

  2. KosmicKrow says:

    D E M O N B A B Y

  3. anguis says:

    2:11 D E M O N ᴮ ᴬ ʸ ᴮ ᴱ ᴴ

  4. Last time I was this early, mosquitos were still tolerable.

  5. TheCriiss180 says:

    sound like this video was a pain in the ass to make so thank you it was amazing

  6. Jellysquid says:

    I'm glad you're uploading again, but Holy crap this episode made me feel itchy…

  7. Aaannnnddddd now I need a shower.

  8. any thing says:

    What happened to Jerry?😢

  9. ✝️
    Fellowship invite

  10. Thanks, now I hate mosquitoes even more now.


  12. I feel TRICKED! Clickbait, nobody said anything about learning anything.

  13. Zach Steiner says:

    I’m here in within 30 minutes of you posting! Did I make it before all of the……. buzzzzz?

    I’ll see myself out.

  14. Brown says:

    If only we could invent a laser beam that rotates around the world to burn only mosquitoes and flys 🪰
    I'd be outside more

  15. 17 minutes long on the worst thing that breathes on planet earth.

  16. Did i hear the phrase , "dicked by a skeeter."

  17. varanidguy says:

    What are mosquitos good for? They're pollinators. That's what, Jerry!

  18. 虎落ブエ says:

    "Mosquito says hello"
    I say fuck off

  19. Wyllram says:

    Oh God I have the holes thing

  20. Kerry Berger says:

    ZeFrank: I so enjoy your True Facts videos. You have a wonderful sense of humor. Initially, I thought this series was being voiced by Morgan Freeman. Your voice sounds similar. Keep up the great work.

  21. ScriptKeeper says:

    Best. Ad. Read. EVER!

  22. Alex Hadden says:

    patiently i waited. i was rewarded with 17 minutes of satisfaction.

  23. fugithegreat says:

    It cannot be understated how much I appreciate True Facts videos! They never fail to teach me many new things and make me laugh out loud at least a dozen times.

  24. do they have a use for nature other than making people crazy

  25. Sephiroth says: