Unboxing a NEW Xbox Console! 20 Years Later

October 15, 2021 by 44 Comments

Opening up a new old stock original Xbox! Microsoft released the system nearly two decades ago, and with that anniversary coming up I figured it’s as good a time as any to set it up and play some games. Plus I needed to check on the clock capacitor, so yeah. OG XBOX TIME.

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00:00 Intro – I Finally Got an Xbox!
02:38 The Unboxing
13:17 Power on and setup
16:56 My Games!
18:35 Midtown Madness 3
21:30 Dead or Alive 3
23:54 Halo
26:00 The Sims Bustin’ Out
28:54 Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge
30:31 Forza Motorsport
33:11 Summary/Outro
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44 Replies to “Unboxing a NEW Xbox Console! 20 Years Later”

  1. If I had to guess, 50,000 is 5gb. There's most likely a 8gb HDD and the xbox doesn't show more than 5gb. hence the 50,000+. So once it shows less than 5gb used, the 50,000 will change. Way back when I got my friends xbox after he got the 360, I opened it up and the one I had, had the Western Digital HDD and I believe I saw 8gb on it.

  2. As a kid I never even played the story mode of Midtown madness, I would just drive around the city with like 8 cops on me for hours

  3. That controller is not the original Duke one not? Is like the small asian version I guess.

  4. I was hoping for the Duke controller… Thing was just 2 mice put together, with some extra buttons and joysticks.

  5. Dillon says:

    I would love it if you reviewed the original Sims games for the consoles! The Sims 1 and especially Bustin' Out, one of my favorite Sims games of all time.

  6. Dillon says:

    This video brought back some memories for sure. My father and I picked up a new Xbox from Best Buy when they first came out. Crimson Skies was a favorite launch title of ours, and we cooped the original Halo campaign together.

  7. what song is playing for the intro?

  8. Slane583 says:

    I had an original XBox, mine came standard with the big chunky controller. I loved the feel of it and could never figure out why everyone hated it so much until I read that it was mostly people with tiny hands doing the complaining. I'd say my most played game on it was SEGA GT 2002. I also had a copy of the original Jet Set Radio, Fable, and a top-down mech game I don't remember the name of. I think I originally bought my XBox to try Halo so I also had that, which I enjoyed and did a complete play through of. Though once I beat it and saw that all the environments looked the same from start to finish I kind of lost interest and never got into any of the later games. I think I had some other games but I don't remember, my collection wasn't very big. Though I did have the remote and sensor accessory so I could watch dvd movies on it. Which I did quite often. 🙂

  9. Skarwind says:

    So many Mech Assault games played in 6th grade. So many.

  10. Ale Pino says:

    I still have mine and that box too!!

  11. First Last says:

    I got mine and it's modded, Love it.

  12. First Last says:

    Xbox was the first legitimate multiplayer experience. I know PC, but i mean the games the xbox had made it awesome to play online.

  13. First Last says:

    Sent my Xbox 360 back 3 times in the first year under warranty, one of those times they sent back a different console that was broken for a different reason

  14. Omg the nostalgia
    I was literally like 5 and I remember opening the door home to see that black/green box I couldn't even pick up

  15. Bill Boskins says:

    The OG Xbox controller gets some stick for being big and clunky but brand new it just looks, beautiful!

  16. Matko Menso says:

    Fun Fact: Original Xbox controllers were USB. You can splice in a usb connector, wire for wire, color for color, no drivers. It'll work on PC. Of course, there was a toolkit or driver thing that would let you customize and have it work better, compatibility-wise, but yeah. I took advantage of the break-away cable nature and sacrificed one for usb. I cannot overstate how nice it was back then to have a proper PC controller that not only worked great when plugged in, but felt great to use. PC peripherals were rough even up to then. At least on the affordable side of things. Logitech had some decent ones, especially starting around that time but still, usually had rumble or build-quality sacrifices if not compatibility issues.

  17. The Stevo says:

    Xbox One…Xbox One Elite…Xbox One S…Xbox One X…Xbox Series S…Xbox Series X. Whoever came up with that shit should be fired. It's terrible branding.

  18. Paul Weston says:

    I remember unboxing this around Christmas time. I had one it at a Christmas party auction for the Westin employees which my girlfriend was employed by. When I got it home it was just a cool experience. It was Microsoft who had a better reputation back then. No more sega genesis, super Nintendo, or PlayStation with their consoles that felt like picking up a shoebox with slippers in it. They were light weight, hollow, offwhite colored toys that felt… kid friendly. Xbox smashed that stereotype. This thing was big, heavy, jet black and electronic. You were careful with it. had buttons that were pressure sensitive on the controller. It hooked up to the internet for online play via membership. It was a major step forward for console gaming. I remember playing PGR2 on this thing for hundreds of hours finally platinuming all medals. I even recorded it… on my camcorder.

  19. Gavin Tube says:

    I'd prefer a GameCube but I know everybody is not a big fan of Nintendo so I'm glad Clint is doing this

  20. Crampsam says:

    So jazzed to see you pop in Sims Bustin Out. One of my favourite nostalgic games. So much wonderfully dated 2000’s style. The soundtrack goes insanely hard too

  21. James Warner says:

    I want to know what the people pictured on the box are up to now.

  22. Cyber_Akuma says:

    I love how much he talked about the power cable when Microsoft actually advised people toss out their old power cables and replaced them with one that had a GFCI-like fuse on it to prevent fires/shocks.

  23. YuAres says:

    original Xbox has some creepy sounds

  24. AnalogX64 says:

    I wonder what condition the thermal paste would be on the CPU.

  25. mercster says:

    Why am I watching this, I had an XBOX. Well I guess I just like LGR.

  26. D.J. W says:

    Well at least we know where all the plastic in the ocean came from

  27. Bunster says:

    damn I remember when I got mine, I laughed at my ps2 and said see ya lol

  28. i remember Getting an xbox with Halo 2 way back. 2002. brings back some memories

  29. Stefan Rink says:

    I still have one connected to my TV including the Xodus/Matrix chip. Good stuff!

  30. EvilHeavy says:


  31. kento says:

    I like how the guy on the bottom left looks like a generic tech support

  32. wait the big holes in the top of the controller were memory slots?

  33. Florian Rabe says:

    Amazing how well the graphics hold up to this day.

  34. krizzle4rizz says:

    Dude please review Halo

  35. Zoomer 30 says:

    Not a launch version. Looks like the one I got a year or two later. They switched to the smaller controller.

  36. AlexifeuLP says:

    I play shadow the hedgehog on Xbox 360 currently viz I can't play it on Xbox One S lol

  37. j1o1h1n1f32 says:

    I still have an original in box Xbox. Pure nostalgia for me. Any console that aims to have the best graphics is and always will be my favorite console. Can't believe it's been 20 years. Still have the Duke controller as well.

  38. Nostalgia… Que linda epocas fueron y cuantos recuerdos!!!

  39. Russell P says:

    That Xbox intro was only visible on an OG xbox until backwards compatibility came out on next gen


  41. Billy Badass says:

    I have a brand new, unopened, sealed Gameboy pocket on the shelf above my head. I'm scared to think about the state of the included batteries.

  42. The fact that this machine was build 20 years ago is still looks brand new and holds up pretty well 😎

  43. mincedmensch says:

    64 megs of RAM?!

  44. Simon T says:

    I've wanted an OG Xbox for a few years now, just to use it for emulation, but not until a while after I use it as intended. In the UK you could only dream of getting new old stock of anything electronic. We also don't have thrift stores like in the US. Our charity shops usually never do anything apart from clothes and books, sometimes furniture. Rarely or never any electronics. I dribble at some of your old thrift shop videos; shouting out buy it and ship it to meee!