6 Ways to Peel a Pomegranate

November 27, 2021 by 31 Comments

Removing seeds from a pomegranate can be done in 6 different ways. But not 7.
7 is too many ways.

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1 pomegranate


31 Replies to “6 Ways to Peel a Pomegranate”

  1. Ohh I always wanted to do that 🙂

  2. Pepso8P says:

    Oh yeah, 6 ways because of the pentagonal shape, that is so smart!
    On a serious note, even as a standalone episode this was as great to watch as your usual YSAC recipe videos.
    I was impressed how you managed to roll the pomegranate on the track and have the train hit it as well, until I noticed one more pomegranate suddenly appearing on the second track as the first one got obliterated. Then I realized there was some editing done. It looks great on normal speed though!

  3. Randy Hall says:

    Love the ending.

  4. Foreflash says:

    Pentagon is the bestagon

    or is it?

  5. isn't more than 6 ways??????!!! hey this vid is not accurate xD

  6. Sobhan says:

    Shouldn't wash it, also the white parts inside are edible.

  7. GonzoSailor says:

    How could this happen 💀

  8. The amount of mess you had to make for this video.

  9. Instructions unclear Dropped palm of granite on train tracks and am now being chased by a granite statue with no palm. Please send help

  10. Wyatt M says:

    Like an art fark

  11. kumaESP says:

    his editing skills are getting too strong

  12. In medieval times, the French used pomegranates ( grenades ) as explosive devices they would lob at enemies and the seeds were shrapnel that pierced through armour. This then became our modern-day grenades. It’s not the juice that stains but the blood and guts of those torn asunder by these “fruit”.

  13. Ace Fury says:

    Can confirm: the last method is the best, no stains, all seeds exposed. 10/10 recommend

  14. Ironic because I literally bought pomegranates yesterday


  16. The train method work with cars?

  17. Saber Sight says:

    damm putting it in water to get the white out of the bowl, i have never thought of that, nice

  18. I Witnessed A Murder

  19. Boid says:

    The fact that the video just Ends, cracks me up

  20. B. Jr. says:

    a pomegranate is like a vagina

  21. CjayPlyz says:

    that suddenly got dark

  22. Abyaz Karim says:

    YSAC: This is a pentagon.
    Me: That's a hexagon.
    YSAC: Some people call this a hexagon but they don't know what they're talking about.
    Me: >:O

  23. Petition for the continuation of the Egg series.
    5 years are long enough for a cliffhanger

  24. GodComplex says:

    Good fucking lord he didn't discover the laws of Trigonometry.

  25. Then he got sued by the city, because that pomegranate stained the whole train

  26. Jesus he bought a train just for this bit

  27. Aisha Zahir says:

    Wow the YouTuber I subscribed to six years ago and haven't watched another video since has just uploaded something. Let's see how his content has changed over the years.

  28. Vo2maximus says:

    and your…pepper, pepper, pepper…reference, love it!