Top 10 Minecraft Mods (1.17.1) – November 2021

November 30, 2021 by 46 Comments

Hey everyone! Today I’m here with my top 10 Minecraft mods for 1.17.1, this time for November 2021. Enjoy!

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0:00 Intro

0:24 Infernal Expansion –

0:45 Epic Fight –

1:13 Easy Magic –

1:39 ReplayMod –

2:07 Sound Physics Remastered –

2:38 MmmMmmMmmMmm (Target Dummy) –

3:05 SkyVillages –

3:20 Tiny Skeletons –

3:40 The Twilight Forest –

4:08 Paradise Lost – The Aether Reborn –

4:36 Outro

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Fabric –


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46 Replies to “Top 10 Minecraft Mods (1.17.1) – November 2021”

  1. epic fight mod, bsl shaders, guard villagers mod , back tools mod and any backpack mod makes Minecraft an rpg

  2. Merdin MC says:

    Ah yes, foxes on a trampoline…

  3. Zippy Silver says:

    Just commenting to help the algorithm

  4. At long last, I can update my modpack. A new AHS top 10 mods video has come out.

  5. Sound Physics remastered with a couple of mob mods and cave structure mods in 1.18. With the epic fight mod (if compatible) would give some of the most amazing gameplay an adventure fantasy RPG player would potentially see

  6. Wojtek Mdcki says:

    Honestly epic fight mod reminds me of Skyrim way more than it does dark souls

  7. Cruz Aider says:

    Been a while since I last saw your channel glad I discovered your stuff again

  8. Fox says:

    Love the foxes in the background at the start of the video

  9. Lamp Ter says:

    I have a mod in minecraft which makes all the blocks block-shaped

  10. AstralDragon says:

    Ngl MmmMmmMmmMmm is a very crucial mod

  11. Cruz Aider says:

    The Aether reborn portal bringing back some disappointing memories

  12. Aleks P says:

    Is Epic Fight 3rd person only?

  13. LucidOreo says:

    A little off-topic but does anyone know how I can install Vanillaccurate to Minecraft 1.17.1? Each time I try, the textures don't work very well even after editing the pack format to 7 instead of 4

  14. Nice mods. Hope you get 830K subscribers before this year ends.

  15. Tahn says:

    PC boutta hate me for this one

  16. 111th Comment!, Pls Pin me
    I like your videos, Your recommended mods have overhauled my minecraft appearance and the combat mechanics are too OP.
    Keep It up!

  17. Oireal says:

    I actually really like Paradise Lost because it shows just how frustratingly close the Aether was to being an auto-include in pretty much any/all modpacks.

    I respect the creator's decisions, but I feel like the whole dungeon aspects were far too much effort for far too little reward

  18. just woke up and saw the notification. i always smile when i see AHS uploads.

  19. Can't wait for cave mods for 1.18 . We already had cave mods, but as in the whole point of a mod, it only expanded the already existing caves. Now, when our base caves are actually really polished and thought out , the amount of incredible mods that can come out of it is just… Insane

  20. Ultimomo says:

    My Man Posts the best mods for the version after the new version is abt to realease (this is joke i dont hate him)

  21. JoHaTho says:

    I believe mods will be quick for 1.18 since there arent too many changes that the framework they are built on hasnt been created for in 1.17.

  22. EvilPedia says:

    perfect timing 1.18 releases in 2 hrs

  23. Bionity says:

    What is the point of moving to 1.18 when we have Terralith + bettermineshaft ?
    It's a real question. I struggled a lot to make my server with 50 mods in 1.17.1, so if I have to feel the pain again, it has to worth it.

  24. DaCatmasterX says:

    You are so amazing! Thanks for the great mod video!

  25. uploading a video about mods the day of a new update is certainly an interesting choice

  26. Cyber Venom says:

    could you please make another video for 1.16.5 because me and many others still play on that mc version…

  27. I'd like it if you can check out hals exploration mod and hals enhanced biomes as I just updated to 1.17.1

  28. TheJayMCZK says:

    When you remember how Disappointed you are in 2011.

  29. Why has Minecraft mods become so good to the point where it would look like it would actually be in Minecraft?!

  30. Zed Amadeus says:

    Just a note about the Sound Physics mod! It works with proximity voice chat mods—or, one of them, I'm not entirely sure… but yeah! Means you can hear your friends echoing down a cave, or a muffled scream behind a wall, really immersive and funny. Definitely two mods you'd want together on a pack with some friends.

    Here's a story and some fun examples of how these can be really fun together with some other mods… (I'm sure you can imagine yourself, but it was fun coming up with scenarios, and it might help spark an idea for a modpack to try out with some friends, it certainly did for me, writing it)

    My friends and I put ourselves on a scoreboard team that hid our usernames, and we were playing with the Primal Winter mod, which makes the overworld a foggy, blizzardy hellscape with mobs spawning during the day also, meaning we had to keep close to each other, due to our extremely limited vision.

    Whenever we lost each other, we found each other by using our voices. We also decided not to use coords for immersion, instead relying on a shared set of Atlases. (from the Antique Atlas mod, which is a great map-like mod, especially for multiplayer, since it can be duplicated among a party, updating across all of the atlases in real-time with terrain and markers) Really fun.

    We also added this better Creeper AI mod, that makes creepers try and breach walls, meaning we either had to build high enough that the explosion wouldn't get us and the fire wouldn't spread to our house (building walls is extremely time consuming and dangerous, with mobs everywhere all the time basically) or build underground. The pack made us feel vulnerable, like surviving was an achievement when it had previously become so trivial; we had the luxury of a low pressure environment where our houses being pretty was all that was important, but this took us back to the early days! When your greatest achievement as a base builder was making your home a fortress! Reliable, well defended.

    Okay, some hypotheticals/examples of other fun ideas you could mess around with:

    You could turn off player death messages (I think that's possible?) making it so you could split off from each other, come back to where our friends should be, call out and be met with silence… only to look around and see their items/grave/corpse sitting there, (CREEPY!) depending on if you're using mods for that sort of thing. The corpse mod is my favourite.

    And if you're incorporating spooky, modded creatures in a session like this, for instance + maybe realistic torches, you could have those torches go out and then that mod with the monster that kills you if you stand in the dark? seeing items could create this really freaky moment of panic, realising a space that was once safe has become deadly, and that something is hiding around the corner…

  31. Zyon says:

    "This is probably going to be my last Top 10 Mods for the Month…"

    "…for 1.17"

    He had us in the first half, not gonna lie

  32. Mmm Aether returning once again. Hopefully this version adds a lot more progression and rewards to its dungeons.