Diving into FPGA Gaming with the MiSTer Multisystem Console

December 3, 2021 by 24 Comments

Let’s build and review the MiSTer Multisystem hardware expansion kit! In addition to its 3D printed case, the Multisystem is a board adding tons of functionality and quality of life improvements to the MiSTer FPGA experience. Plus it has all kinds of nifty upgrade options with a modular expansion slot and integrated SNAC ports and things, so things only improve from here.

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24 Replies to “Diving into FPGA Gaming with the MiSTer Multisystem Console”

  1. me2olive says:

    MiSTer has desperately needed a more "consoleized" version for years, so it's great to see people making something convenient and tidy like this rather than the traditional "squid" setup. I don't think I'll be trading in my passively cooled aluminium case any time soon as size is another factor, but hopefully the multisystem gets more people involved who were perhaps put off by needing to source all the bits of hardware from different sellers.

  2. akhurash says:

    The Pokémon game looked really good in terms of scaling. I’m impressed.

  3. petru birle says:

    it will not withstand the market!

  4. Damaniel3 says:

    I have a MiSTer setup already and love it, but I'll have to give some serious thought to the Multisystem – I love the form factor way more than the generic 'MiSTer tower' that my current setup has.

  5. der.Schtefan says:

    Wow, the Noctua Fan itself costs a fortune. Impressive!

  6. Trueblood says:

    I feel like I need one of these, even though I know I'd never play it.

  7. wraithcadmus says:

    It's easy to see FPGA emulation and software emulation as at odds with each other, but really they're complimentary, both benefit from preservation and investigation of original hardware, and one is not inherently more accurate than the other.

  8. Megamix says:

    The case is like a beautiful mixture of an Atari and PC Engine.

  9. As always, thanks for making something for me to watch. 🤘

  10. gudenau says:

    It's hardware emulation not software emulation, I do wonder if we will ever get a better term for this.

  11. INXISIV says:

    Why is the DE10 nano so expensive?

  12. I've got a batch 1 MMS preorder which I'm eagerly awaiting… you've not helped my impatience, Clint! Great overview, and I'm going to have to get some woodgrain for mine now.

  13. The fact that it will play Commodore games, makes me with I still had all my old PET and C-64 games.

  14. Carl Leach says:

    I know they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that case design really doesn't do it for me.

  15. More diving? Don't you think it's time for a certificate?

  16. der.Schtefan says:

    Why is a 2 year warranty generous? It is the minimum warranty mandated by the EU! I am fairly sure the UK did adopt it and did not drop that particular standard when they Brexited.

  17. K S says:

    Parallel. Allowing you to run two light bulbs @ the same brightness from 1 power source. As opposed to Series, where the second bulb will be slightly more dim. The way too simple explanation 😅

    Ohms law and all that. So much fun

  18. DIYDylana says:

    How's the sound latency and timing accuracy/consistency?
    Even in emulators with almost no input latency the rhythm games are barely even playable

  19. Fire Walker says:

    Will definitely have to keep an eye on this console. Been looking for a console type set up that will play damn near everything. And it’s hard to trust those all-in-one consoles they sell on Amazon. Unless there is one on there you all can recommend.

  20. MKensie2012 says:

    Video ain't long enough.

  21. Retro gaming is so neat.

  22. Absolutely love the project. Only little thing I have with it is the 3D printing itself, it doesn’t look that good (as in layer-line issues and such), which makes it very nice they provide to model to print yourself!