MINECRAFT CREEPER FARM TUTORIAL | Easy Automatic Gunpowder, Minecraft 1.18+

December 5, 2021 by 24 Comments

This is a tutorial that will show you how to build my Minecraft 1.18+ Creeper farm that will get you gunpowder automatically! This farm is for Minecraft Java Edition. The build is pretty easy to set up as long as you have extra building blocks too.

0:00 – video starts here
0:30 – location
1:17 – materials
2:25 – creeper disposal
4:36 – the first floors
7:40 – additional floors
9:36 – final floor
11:26 – clock
12:52 – item pickup

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24 Replies to “MINECRAFT CREEPER FARM TUTORIAL | Easy Automatic Gunpowder, Minecraft 1.18+”

  1. When you are so early that all banger comments has 0 likes

  2. Now wattle started to say "I upload every time" rather than "I upload everyday"
    Miss you uploads everyday….

  3. Are you going to use this in your survival world?

  4. Yazan Hussam says:

    You have my complete attention, go on~

  5. This new version has such nice caves and cliffs! It's maad! The caves and holes tho😩

  6. Elie Heath says:

    I was actually thinking about what to do about a creeper farm for 1.18, now I know. How convenient

  7. Dennis Stout says:

    Awesome! I'm having good luck using a cat inside instead of water fountains.

  8. These comments are just from one minute😮

  9. Nightmare says:

    I'm excited for 1.19 I hope the next update is called Minecraft 2.0

  10. lisa yu says:

    hey wattles, love ur videos! keep it up!

  11. Veg Monster says:

    I’m so happy with the new 1.18 spawning mechanism

  12. Trey Knutsen says:

    Bedrock or Java?

  13. Veg Monster says:

    This tutorial was so helpful, thank you

  14. never been this earlier

  15. Veg Monster says:

    Your survival series is going Great!!!!

  16. You will PAY for what you have done.

  17. Keith S says:

    My biggest dream is wattles reads Atleast one of my comments

  18. Jakub Gunar says:

    Today I was thinking like "I want to find a creeper farm tutorial" and BANG my Man making this vid for me. Thanks 🙂

  19. UltraBlastLT says:

    I was just thinking about making a creeper farm but didn't know how mob farms really work in 1.18, thanks for making this video it really helps out!

  20. THANK YOU SO MUCH. My former farm was made useless with the new spawning system

  21. Areno Music says:

    Watching this while eating lunch… after spending today building a creeper farm. Guess it's time for another one!

  22. Veg Monster says:

    Hey wattles I liked the video before you even told me too!!!

  23. xAustere says:

    Could you upload more survival? You barely uploaded any guide near the end of the series and the survival episodes are really good.