December 3, 2021 by 26 Comments

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26 Replies to “spooky.”

  1. Will Marsden says:

    Please call that house of horror app as Scare B&B.

  2. Unlucky WNTR says:

    That last intro joke was F’d my guy, it was funny but still F’d

  3. EDFmed says:

    At the Creepypasta parody i was waiting for someone to say Hyperrealistic so much that i actually got happy, now i passed my exam.

    Thanks, Internet Historian.

  4. aceperson says:

    i don't think any movie could possibly be as scary as the fact there are people who genuinely think things like the 3am skits are real.

  5. Erin says:

    The creepypasta really got me together. It was so hyper-realistic

  6. How do ghosts appear in cameras a fraction of a second before an object blocks them and then disappear? They do it like 90% of the time … How do they know when the time is right?

  7. Dezmeeno says:

    nothing to kick off december quite like a halloween special!

  8. The Pygman says:

    Tweets with racial slur pre-typed, one wrong move, and you're canceled forever!

  9. Steve Myers says:

    Truly The Nightmare Before Christmas

  10. Owen Read says:

    4:32 Just a slong on the wall

  11. DeLaPrd says:

    My copy of fallout 4 could give some kid issues

  12. I'm upset that the creepypasta actual got me kind of on edge

  13. Hork Porkler says:

    Internet historian was on the latest cumtown podcast; it was alright.

  14. Monksta RS says:

    Ah it’s a good day when internet historian drops a video. That notification is what I live for.

  15. You never appreciated your foreskin when you had it

  16. Is the music in the background from cod zombies?

  17. Toganium says:

    I like how every video on this channel more or less starts the same way.

  18. That haunted house idea wouldn't be a bad idea tbh

  19. My friends and I got a plastic bag full of spaghetti once

  20. Did you intentionally try to rip off Ben drowned for the creepypasta bit because every video game creepypasta ripped off that story

  21. Lazi_ness says:

    Nord Woman scares me

  22. Brandon H says:

    Nothing’s spooky in an Australian accent…