I made an AUTO Froglight Farm for 1.19 Minecraft! + TRICKS

January 7, 2022 by 24 Comments

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1.19 Minecraft bedrock edition beta has the wild update frogs! This farm automatically has frogs turn magma cubes into pearlescent, verdant, ochre froglight. Plus tricks and tips for frogs, frog egg, tadpoles.
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Magma cube farm above nether ceiling: https://youtu.be/JmbO-Zp7elY
Magma cream farm: https://youtu.be/J43oSlWtHCA
Magma cube farm using powder snow: https://youtu.be/ImsxVKqAd2U
Beta changes: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/4418784338829

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0:00 Intro
1:40 Designing spawner farm
5:30 magma powdersnow spawner
6:14 basalt froglight farm

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I made an Auto FROGLIGHT Farm! 1.19 Minecraft
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24 Replies to “I made an AUTO Froglight Farm for 1.19 Minecraft! + TRICKS”

  1. Rays Works says:

    Will you build this farm when 1.19 comes out?
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  2. DDP Gaming says:

    Everyone : Froglight's a hard block to farm
    Raysworks : Are you challenging me?

    Note: this comment is a joke

  3. Ray, you can't help yourself farm everything right?😂

  4. Are pretty cool the new blocks

  5. _1024 says:

    There is a feature thet if villager is holding an item there is a chance that it will drop this item after death. I would like to see farm based on this

  6. Deja Zoo says:

    "don't grind man build a farm" __ someone on shady server

  7. Damn that was fast

  8. Your voice is so soothing that I felt asleep and this vid was on a loop

  9. MeowyCatte says:

    these things look like the hypixel skyblock coins to me

  10. Damn Your're faster than sonic

  11. Really enjoy the new type of farm explanation video ray! It's very fun to watch and also interesting!

  12. BranDynamite says:

    Bedrock edition has a different spawning area for spawners

  13. MKK4559 says:

    I would have never thought people would make a farm this quick especially that this is hard to farm. But Rays always makes the best farms so I’m not surprised.

  14. Berdysz says:

    translations are stulid for example żabandol

  15. hilike says:

    I REALLY like that they are making magma cube much more useful it didn't really have any use and was pretty useless,atleast for me 😄.Also great video 😄👍.

  16. DaBig Cheese says:

    Hey ray do u think it will be possible to make a renewable diamond farm?

  17. Question: Can you jeb_ Axolotls? And is there a way to place Buckets-o-Tropical Fish in a Chest, and have them killed and drop them in Item form?

  18. I really enjoyed the design process being shown

  19. This farm is very fun to make because mostly its travelling with our new froggy friends. 🙂

  20. Rex JRD says:

    Well I know what PearlescentMoon's new favorite block is going to be in 1.19.

  21. Moudou Kam says:

    I just was making it and it looks like the same yours

  22. So… am I the only one thst thinks these blocks are kindof stupid? Can't dye them and they're dropped from an obsurd mechanic. Rather use sea lamps or gloestone or shroomlight.