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This video is a tutorial for a Blaze Farm that works on Minecraft Bedrock Edition (PE, Xbox, Switch, PS, Win 10). This farm is relatively easy to set up and requires no redstone at all. This farm will get you plenty of blaze rods and xp. The design will also work on Minecraft Java Edition.

-=| CHAPTERS |=-
0:00 – its me
0:52 – materials
2:01 – spawners
3:30 – spawning chamber
5:31 – mob funnel
8:54 – final steps
11:08 – things to know

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29 Replies to “MINECRAFT BEDROCK BLAZE FARM TUTORIAL | No Redstone, Easy, Efficient”

  1. wattles says:

    now accepting tutorial requests / compliments / haiku tributes

  2. Yash Divekar says:

    I still remember the other blaze farm you made 1 year ago in MC guide 3
    And the fact is I was recreating it yesterday when I downloaded MC again on my mobile
    What a coincidence! 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  3. Plant Trees says:

    I literally was looking at your old blaze farm video yesterday and needed this revision. Thanks for being awesome 😎

  4. Telt Yeet says:

    Please make a wither skeleton farm tutorial preferably on Bedrock Edition.

  5. YoungPutter says:

    Just add a torch on every side of the spawner to disable it while clearing the room

  6. WATELS FAN says:


  7. WATELS FAN says:

    can you show us how to make a 4×4 door?

  8. JupiterJamie says:

    Woohoo tutorial! My favorite!

  9. FloppyTomato says:

    This design looks similar to an already existing blaze farm in java

  10. Blaze farms were such a pain in Bedrock for the longest time. Lava didn’t push fire mobs, so you had to make piston systems.
    Didn’t even know the bug got fixed. Thought they just never added it

  11. Kamal Moodad says:

    thanks wattles, I've been looking for a good blaze farm design.
    It's really hard to find one these days
    Keep up the good work man!😁😁👍🤜🤛

  12. Yuno Nasumi says:

    Is there a reason that this design is different than what you made in the Minecraft Guide? Like are the mechanics different or would the MCG version work the same?

  13. WiKKiTsoul says:

    Thank you so much for Bedrock farms ♥

  14. Spirit Games says:

    are you gonna make this is ur survival world?

  15. DjL says:

    Question: Can the spawner be lit up with torches to prevent mob spawns like in the overworld, or does that not work with nether spawners?

  16. does this work in java?

  17. 57Grambo57 says:

    Bedrock gold farm

  18. Red Nova says:

    very cool video, does the farm work on java as well?

  19. NickMotions says:


  20. NickMotions says:

    888 likes i give 889th one

  21. You do know, that if you place torches on each side of the spawner, you will not have blaze soawning to interrupt your work or to put you in danger, yes?

  22. cory trevor says:

    Why bedrock don't you play java

  23. Im_Moss says:

    can u make an enderman farm pls?

  24. Easy bedrock iron farm

  25. PixTheMedic says:

    I love your vids wattles, been here since 2018

  26. Blaze can't spawn at a light level of 12 or higher. Surround the spawner with glowstone and clearing the room should be much easier.

  27. Trevor Diehl says:

    Cave spider spawned. No pistons

  28. Advice: add three slabs on top of the hoppers and 3 trapdoors on the blocks on top of the chest, to make sure blaze cant see you

  29. Andrew Hong says:

    Could you make a magma cube farm from the spawner in the bastion