MINECRAFT SUGARCANE FARM TUTORIAL | Easy, Automatic, Minecraft Java & Bedrock 1.18+

May 22, 2022 by 42 Comments

In this tutorial I show you how to build the easiest, best sugarcane farm in Minecraft 1.18! This sugarcane farm works on Minecraft Bedrock and on Minecraft Java. This farm is afk friendly, lossless, and easily expandable too!

0:00 – intro & about the farm
0:45 – sugarcane farm supplies
1:27 – collection system
2:35 – sugarcane machine
4:51 – plants and drop control
5:43 – starting the farm
6:44 – expanding the farm

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42 Replies to “MINECRAFT SUGARCANE FARM TUTORIAL | Easy, Automatic, Minecraft Java & Bedrock 1.18+”

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    hello wattles i have been watching u for 2 years now but this is my first time being soo early to a vid 🙂

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  11. Sugar cane farms are so easy lol

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  13. he killlling it

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  21. What is the rates for this farm like 1h

  22. anzil Pm says:

    So I got a little hack for you guys if you put red stone in between the pistons and put blocks in between the observers if one sugar cane grows it will only destroy that sugar cane so it is more efficient

  23. You can use an allay to reduced the iron usage, thise Design uses a 💩Tone of iron, such bad design

  24. dire saint says:

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