The LGR Apple II Collection + Unboxing an Apple IIe!

May 13, 2022 by 39 Comments

I’ve been moving and that means getting stuff outta storage and bringing it to the new house. Which inspired this quickly-made video! This is the first time I’ve had all of my Apple 2 machines out at the same time and I ended up getting excited enough to whip out the camera and begin talking about them. Then a new-to-me Apple IIe system showed in the mail and I got extra excited about that too, so I figured why not tack on an unboxing and test of that lovely system to the latter half of this video while I’m at it! Magic smoke included as a free bonus.

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00:00 Intro to the Collection
02:16 The Original Apple II
04:29 The Apple II Plus
08:00 Apple IIe Enhanced
10:23 Apple IIc
12:28 Apple IIGS
16:00 Unboxing an Apple IIe
20:07 Unboxing a Monitor III
21:58 Testing the IIe and Monitor
24:21 Apple Writer II
26:38 Diagnostics Testing
29:43 The Oregon Trail
32:17 RIFA Madness
34:29 Outroduction

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39 Replies to “The LGR Apple II Collection + Unboxing an Apple IIe!”

  1. aserta says:

    Yeah, i'd clean up all the power supplies for these before power up. They're getting quite rare and pricey as time goes on. It used to be that you could get one of these (here in Europe) for pennies, because they weren't worth all that much, now they're not something you stumble upon in normal conversation.

  2. I grew up to an Apple IIgs as a kid, I miss those days.

  3. Sphynx Ink says:

    I’ll be looking forward to an Apple //e video at some point! I just bought one this year and I know absolutely nothing about it. Can’t think of a bette replace to learn

  4. aserta says:

    7:06 Microtek Magnum 80 927b (maaybe a clone, because they had stencils with the name on them).

    You can find the pdf manual for it online if you type the name in google search.

  5. JSR2gamers says:

    I'm drooling. What an amazing collection! I hope to see more content on the Apple II sometime in the new house! Good luck in the rest of the move!

  6. Retro Puffer says:

    Z80 card buyers also bought an 80 column card like you said. Some of the earlier 1970s 80 column cards were text only. If you're lucky you have the 80 column card that gave you double high res. mode.

  7. Alternate title: Don't Fear the RIFA
    Alternate alternate title: RIFA Madness

  8. James Potts says:

    With the exception of the filter caps, Apple 2 PSUs are pretty solid. And welcome to early IIe ownership. I bought the same type back in the day, after making the case that I should spend "college money" from the grandparents early.

  9. Michael L says:

    This room must be very empty. I can hear clear echos. Looking forward to the new stuffs and be good for the new place!

  10. Is it weird I read that title as "Unboxing an Apple lie"?

  11. The Apple 2e was the first computer i ever used. We got one in my first grade class!

  12. A walrus says:

    Looking forward to the installation of an AssBlaster card on that '79 Apple II.

  13. props for not clickbaiting with a title like APPLE 2 EXplodes!!!!!!!!

  14. I like how there's just a single disk the school copied a bunch of programs onto. I suspect that's just how they did site licensing back then: you'd buy one copy and you were allowed to make a certain number of duplicates, which you'd have to supply your own blanks for, but it was still cheaper than buying a whole boxed copy for every machine in the lab. Our school had a bigger floppy budget than wherever this came from; each program got its own disk. Funnily enough I don't remember ever seeing Oregon Trail in action until they kitted out the lab with Windows 98 PCs and moved the Apples into the classrooms for us to play with during study hall. There were just so many other things to do that were no doubt considered more educational. Number Munchers, Math Shop, Typing Tutor…

  15. Mark Walters says:

    "The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over the Lazy Game Reviewer's Back"

  16. TheAndyroid says:

    Great place for the power button! 🤣

  17. I played Bards Tale on a ][c with a green screen.

    Also my first game exploit. Infinite gold can be generated by saving party members to floppy, duplicating the floppy, then reloading the members back into the game

  18. artcamp7 says:

    Apple II plus was my first computer. With a green monochromatic monitor and floppy drive. Was so excited when I came home from school and my dad had bought that I was bouncing off the walls.

  19. Lance Hall says:

    Sadly Clint's migration to the Oregon Territory was stopped by failed future tech.

  20. Kali says:

    we had an Apple II c up until XP <3 loved that old thing. and we had an Apple II in kindergarten <3 SO MUCH OREGON TRAIL OH MY GOD

  21. BuckTwenty says:

    "Uh oh – shit!" the most common spoken phrase for retro tech enthusiasts lol

  22. Apple II plus was my very first computer. I think I was 5th or 6th grade when I received it for my birthday. It was second hand, I think I got it in 1985. No idea whatever happened to it. Shortly after that I got into IBM PCs and DOS.

  23. nunyabeaswax says:

    You set it up and turned it on, but never punched in the numbers. No wonder stuff started exploding.

  24. Probably clone of Vidtex 80 column card; plug into jack built into Apple II then plug other end into monitor. Lots of clones existed as I recall, several were pretty much exactly the same as Vidtex

  25. That's one computer I would truly want to fill my nostalgia itch. Many memories of going down to the school library and playing number munchers

  26. Davel23 says:

    That version of Oregon Trail was the one I grew up with. The general impression of OT that most people talk about has graphics and sounds and all kinds of fancy bells and whistles. To me, OT was just plain old green text.

  27. I'm sorry about the floppy Emu. Hydration will help that big bird.

  28. Heeeeees back. Dont be a stranger show more stuff you have/ had in storage. Nice.

  29. Peter Cimone says:

    That is a beautiful monitor

  30. BMUSTDIE says:

    don't forget the number sequence is 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42

  31. Wow an unenhanced IIe! I was suddenly flooded with memories of those goofy apple keys they had, but I don't remember ever working with one. Maybe I just saw it in a store or something, because I didn't even remember that they existed until now. The enhanced light always got hot, and kids seemed to pick at and rub the stickers. My dad was a teacher, and there was five enhanced, and one old ][+, all with the graphics tablets. I remember there being "Copy cards" also, but I haven't heard any of you youtube guys mention those.

  32. Jan Beimer says:

    I was born in the 41st week of 1979! YEAH!

  33. DavidBanan says:

    man, I cant even guess how long I've watched LGR, all i know is that the answer is a while, atleast 5 years

  34. Alan Vitek says:

    I never noticed that the "2" in the name is actually two brackets ][ back to back. neat!

  35. shaneb1982 says:

    Clint, if you don't have a feature wall that is Wood Grain in your new place, I will be ashamed! 😛

  36. Allan Fulton says:

    I really like these old apple computers and would like to get one but I definitely want a Tandy 1000 and an Amiga and the last atari that came out when the Amiga 500 did

  37. Allan Fulton says:

    I'm so happy the monitor made it to you without damage. That's the one thing that worries me about buying one online.

  38. LGR had to get one of the Brazilian clones of the apple II… The case of the TK 2000 (the famous Brazilian clone), was the same as the atari xl800 😛

  39. Glenn Watson says:

    I used an Apple 2e as a kid but never realised the disk drives were cable based like that. Future video idea when move chaos is under control. Would love a comparison between the different models you've got and seeing all running at same time would be really awesome to see.