The Platypus Conspiracy

May 9, 2022 by 35 Comments

It’s Jerry’s fault.
Additional footage licensed from Pond 5


35 Replies to “The Platypus Conspiracy”

  1. Носорог спиздил у бобра хвост решил примерить??????????

  2. Just Epic, Thanks for the great miss direct.

  3. Will Trapp says:

    well that's a minute and 7 seconds of my life i'm never getting back.

  4. I figured out that the footage was backwards almost immediately, the tail was too thin to masquerade as a bill. It DID take me a little longer to figure out that it was a backwards beaver rather than a backwards platypus, but after a few cuts to different shots, all of which kept the "back" of the animal hidden, I figured it out

  5. Mel Punks says:

    Once I seen the backwards beaver as a platypus I couldn't unbloody see it mate. 😂 mind blown again. Luv ya work.

  6. Rayos Crost says:

    Got me in the first half ngl

  7. ANDROLOMA says:

    The platypus is evolution experimenting.

  8. Perry not jerry…lol. fur covered, egg giving, beaver looks.. man our lord must've been busy and made the platypus between creations… it's an amazing animal. Like something got off the island of Madagascar 🇲🇬

  9. Lady Jane says:

    I think that ze needs to do a video on the Jerry.

  10. Spam Lives says:

    Dammit Jerry, just… dammit all to hell.

  11. Amazing! You totally tricked me.
    Even the backwards feet. I thought it was strange but cool.
    I was looking for the eyes too, but guessed they were small & partially covered by fur.
    So cool 🙂

    Giant Ass Teeth
    Sorry, Giant Ass-Teeth 😀 lol

  12. Edward H says:

    Who else high asf rn?

  13. Jerry is doing us a solid.

  14. Beaver tail for a nose and poisonous barbs on their feet…. Nature is Truely amazing….

  15. Animal Video says:

    Bat : The Only Mammal That Can Fly
    Not Gliding From Higher Place

    Platypus : The Only Mammal That Lay Egg

    Human : The Only Mammal That Slowly but Sure Destroying Earth

  16. BoomR says:

    Wait wtf? I feel we should stomp on it because it's so confusing. But then it's cute so maybe keep it alive and try figure which way is..up?

  17. Adam Furtaw says:

    Giant ASS teeth! Pure gold.

  18. NGL: I'm a wildlife technician and it took me until about 10 seconds after the video to figure it out. Damn they got me good. I feel like such an idiot.

  19. Adam Gallyot says:

    Isn't it Ornithorhynchus anatinus??

  20. You could do the same with the "mini-sauropods", that totally fooled me

  21. misolou fout says:

    I've always wanted another backwards animal video of yours! They're always so clever, I love these so much!

  22. TheSpikylord says:

    It took me 10 secondes to realize this is backwards

  23. MajorBullDAD says:

    NEVER disappointed!!😂🤣

  24. i straight up believed that was a platypus until the end of the video.

  25. RadekCrazy1 says:

    A proper sequel to the Oppih we all deserved!!

  26. q4norm says:

    I'm still sad the show and a show are more or less historical artifacts now. But I'll take these true facts/conspiracy videos knowing Ze took the money (from Buzzfeed) and ran, and is now living the high life somewhere. And if that's slightly not true, please no one tell me, K? K.

    Sincerely, a former sports racer

  27. There IS such a thing as a beaver. That's just a SLANG term for the female vagina. = o )

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