Build a PC while you still can

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Arm CPUs are taking over. Apple Silicon showed us that desktop computers need not be power hogs – Why haven’t AMD, Intel, and Nvidia done the same, and would you want it?

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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:53 PCs are great, but…
2:05 They still run on old tech
2:53 Intel and AMD are in trouble, but that’s a good thing
5:27 Contracts, monopolies, and Qualcomm’s failure to compete
6:32 PCs have already taken the first steps to change
8:14 Arm’s advantages are integrated
10:10 Arm chips can go bigger
11:19 Conclusion – This is going to suck for enthusiasts


49 Replies to “Build a PC while you still can”

  1. Keex says:

    maybe anthony can explain what those charts mean instead of just talking over them. i just see a bunch of different colored bars that mean nothing.

  2. What an overlook to density of Samsung 8nm vs tsmc 7nm and tsmc 5 nm you can't just compare them and say smaller=better 😐
    Let's see how big zen4 cores are compared to firestorm then we can say for sure what's smaller and what's bigger and for GPUs too

  3. Lasse Berg says:

    well.. lets see when amd goes 5nm(as the M1 and M2), in laptop cpus. I dont think the difference between M2(Arm) and AMD(x86) is going to be verry different then – performance per watt. And the x86 instructions takes verry! little die space on a modern cpu.

  4. sebas tian says:

    question can you repair it your self or does it cost an arm and a leg

  5. infango says:

    some people buy crapy tesla box and some like to mod cars, some people will buy Apple box and some of us ( the better ones ) will make custom rigs ;p RISC-V this is the way !

  6. TommyLYeah says:

    A N T H O N Y

  7. v s says:

    i want a MAC to play warzone

  8. RedBeam says:

    I love when sidekicks get their solo videos.

  9. The "is it worth it?" part is something I almost immediately questioned when the rumors of the RTX 40 series power draw started being covered by tech channels here on YouTube. That coupled with how the high-end 12th gen CPUs are running; it really added up to make me take pause in how I felt about the future of computers. I love them, I really do, but something has to give in a way that benefits the future and not immediate desire.

  10. forgotten09 says:

    You will rent a standard "compute unit" and be happy.

  11. Hey Linus! How about u tell us what is better? Oculus Quest OR Oculus Quest 2.
    I would really appriciate the video

  12. Anthony why are you always tied to apple things?
    I don't have anything against the alternatives to x86. But don't take away our customization and the option to build your own. Choosing models, colors, performance, tdp. We need those things and atleast I want them. I want options that don't bind my pc to a specific hardware manufacture. I hate that on consoles and apple products. I don't want that on pc please.

  13. XavierX says:

    lol let's see

  14. Hopefully someone will fill the marketplace, like framework is trying for laptops 🤷🏻‍♂️

  15. Xanzuls says:

    The future is not gonna be arm, it's gonna RISC-V

  16. Panzer Man says:

    i really hope x86 does not die out before i get old i always wanted to build a computer and with the arm chips i think that will never be able to happen. someone needs to make smaller x86 cores or make x86 based chips to keep it alive alot of pc enthusiasts are waiting yars to get a costum pc amd and intell need to step up ALOT if they want to stay in the game.

  17. Apple Kisser says:

    Honestly , even if the Mac is stronger im still not gonna fu*king game on a Apple device 😂

  18. I don't mind that expensive pre-builts are taking over the mainstream. As long as there is a community of building/modular enthusiasts, there will be a market. What I'm afraid is companies just flat out not selling parts and only selling non-reparable pre-builts because they realize it makes more money

  19. If I heard this from anyone but Anthony, I would probably be irrationally upset…

  20. This video dropping just as I make the payment on a desktop instead of a Mac studio…

  21. Jesai Tarun says:

    I saw this a long time coming, and welp, an LTT video about it shows how much closer we're getting.

    I really, really hope arm has open standards for interoperability, with modular CPUs, heck atleast under one brand and their motherboards.

    Being able to upgrade one part or fix it sure helps the environment, and your wallet.

  22. ZinoAmare says:

    I do not care about change personally, as long we can GAME!!! and there are improvements, meh

  23. Benderoo says:

    I finished my first pc a few days ago, so this video came out at the perfect time.

  24. Capsaicin says:

    Nice to see you guys citing Locuza, but next time PLEASE get him working with you on the video, it would vastly improve the quality of your die mockups!

  25. DJUNGELSKOG says:

    Ngl I have mixed feelings about this, although PCs are technically modular and you can replace whatever parts you think need replacing which saves the cost of getting a new PC, they also draw a ton of power, it's hard to mix and match components and they take up a lot of desk real estate. Meanwhile for SOCs they run programs more efficiently and consume less power due to the better connectivity between the different components and they take up lesser space, but they're hard to replace and there's 0 upgradability. Hopefully there's some way to combine the best of both worlds while getting rid of the flaws they have.

  26. milks says:

    If i can fit the computer in my mouth then it'll be the future

  27. G809 says:

    "Sorry Im just in like the worst-events-in-the-world-land right now"

  28. AqualisticMC says:

    honestly, i dont care about preformance/size, i just need my programs to run, oh and imo computer cases can be really aesthetic, beautiful and more customizable.

  29. I would be fully willing to, even wanting to, change over to an ARM based system, as long as three conditions are met: the CPU must be socketed so I can upgrade it if necessary and/or replace the MB if it goes bad without losing my CPU, the GPU is completely and entirely separate so I can pick the GPU performance on my own, and that I can still have the flexibility to build my own system. I will NEVER simply accept the performance and capacity that some business executive idiot determines I need for for my purposes.

  30. MrRecorder1 says:

    Kind of a clickbaity title, isn't it? SOCs will be the future, but modularity will be, too. Comparatively small players like Apple or Microsoft will not be able to dictate the need for modular computers in every industry but home consumer computing. We will likely always be able to get our fix of high-performance hardware out of that angle – modular industrial machines. Otherwise, we already have phones. Everything but the modular computing devices will a/some sort of phone, probably.

  31. Wonder Honky says:

    As form factors change, I think everyone just kind of forgets how much more data we're using now, and how fast that's expanding. The only way we're going to get truly beyond the size requisites of a home pc is by farming out all that storage space to online server banks.

    But basically, if you want your own home, or work offline network, you've got to have a full PC, or data server on site. Similarly, compatibility issues, are not even remotely trivial, for any of us who have been packing data on HDDs for decades, which is pretty much all of us. Maybe we can get there with online speeds, and reliability, but that truly seems to be a long way off for most of the free world.

  32. imagine having money, haha

  33. Honestly, having Anthony deliver this video is perfect.

  34. Inked Sleeve says:

    For gaming they won't.

  35. blackbird42 says:

    I'll believe it when I see an ARM all-rounder on par with the top CPU performance and at the same time with lower power draw.

  36. Caleb Lowry says:

    I think one day wifi and such will get so fast that we won't need computers with any powerful hardware. We'll just connect to a big server and get our computing power from there. So you could, for example, only have a display with a wifi card and a battery on it and have it auto connect to a server and load windows or something on it.

  37. E -Box says:

    I hope that title was meant to be some kind of video, because that name is too damn depressing to want to watch this. I can't really build a PC if I don't have the money for one.

  38. I think whatever happens next, the most likely route is much tighter integration. I think Intel's reasoning for getting into GPUs is to improve for more powerful APUs which AMD would have a strong advantage in (especially with both companies focusing more on chiplets and scalability). That's probably why Nvidia wanted to buy ARM, apart from the huge advantage of owning the most popular RISC instruction set, it would mean they would always have a slice of the pie when their two rivals start integrating harder thereby reducing Nvidia's standing in the marketplace.

  39. Greg Wasdyke says:

    tbh I see this as the potential for home built PCs to just be smaller and have less parts with more hotswapability

    that goofy ass razer modular computer might actually have something to it

  40. They CAN TAKE my PC. But they will NEVER TAKE MY FREEDOM!!!!

  41. This LTT video titles are becoming more and more click baity. Title: "Build a PC while you still can!" Content: "PC design needs to change" I will unsubscribe for this exact reason.
    As they say, LTT is like MCU movie. Great quality/production nice for killing time, but shallow and devoid of real science and value.

  42. Ross Stewart says:

    No, a new base system architecture is not the future – we've seen the future with the GPU shortage over the last few years, and it's going to be daughter boards.

    Why break compatibility when you can simply have things running nested inside the "compatability" architecture that is x86?

    Call me when cryptobros are buying macs to mine, and when the scientific world is doing the same.

  43. L P says:

    11:48 after listening to it like 8 times I think he said "worth it sending" but it sounds like he said "at least it's always WORTHLESS sending to sponsors like…" 😆

  44. Bullettube says:

    It's hard for people to realize that PC development has stagnated in the past twenty years. Where is the 128bit architecture we were promised in 2001? How come my Intel i7 6700k can run at 4.5ghz with out overheating, while the new CPUs from AMD and Intel run at 3.8ghz. Where are the 5ghz CPUs we were promised? Instead of making motherboards smaller and CPUs more powerful we've gotten fancy lights instead. This might delight smaller, younger minds, but those of us who cut our teeth on 4bit Commodores and DOS commands expect a lot more from the industry. BTW_Skip Win 11 and wait for WIN 12.

  45. Hydruś says:

    Finally, a PC 2

  46. Abraxaz says:

    Yay, more e waste.

    Instead of upgrading parts to make a system last a few years, now you will have to buy a new computer nearly every generation.

  47. CastA77 says:

    I can see RISC taking over x86. I can't see integrated SOCs or APUs taking over though. We will probably end up with a market of "next gen" computers that no longer support x86, but still have discrete GPU and CPUs.