Minecraft Mod Combinations That Work Perfectly Together #4

June 17, 2022 by 25 Comments

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0:00 Intro


0:21 Realistic Item Drops:
Dropz –
Configurable Item Entities (CIE)

1:02 Scary Caves:
Eyes in the Darkness –
Sound Physics Remastered –
Complementary Shaders –
Apollo Lite Shaders (Pinned message in apollo-rt) –

2:06 Better Chests:
FindMe –
Iron Chests –

2:47 Biomes and Seasons:
Terralith –
Serene Seasons –

3:22 Connected Dimensions:
Immersive Portals –
Fusions Gravity API –

4:07 Target Practice:
MrCrayfish’s Gun Mod –
Target Dummy –

4:39 Falling Leaves and Illuminations:
Falling Leaves –
Illuminations –

5:17 Better Biome Blending:
Sodium –
Better Biome Blend –

6:01 Improved Horses:
Callable Horses –
Horse Combat Controls –

6:45 Deadly Creatures:
Mutant Beasts –
Mutant More –

7:16 Audible Sponsorship
8:31 Outro

Minecraft Forge –

Fabric –


C418 – Taswell



25 Replies to “Minecraft Mod Combinations That Work Perfectly Together #4”

  1. Dhruva M says:

    0:05 I was not able to render what happening at right lower part
    they are villager + golem =vilem

  2. Belier says:

    Great video man! But why my room smell like fish?

  3. I love how he brings joy and laughter to all of us

  4. CheesyPies says:

    AAHHHH i gotta install these mods, well maybe not the mutant mobs, that's a little more than terrifying, but so many of these look so nice and well made!!

  5. Anouk Truog says:

    6:42 "The Hole Horse Experience" … iS thAt a MoTherLoviN JojO's reFFereNce?!??!?!?

  6. That Audible Sponsorship mod doesn't look very interesting.

  7. Nick Adams says:

    I wish these mods were available for console, looks so cool

  8. Dang, been a while since you got a sponsor, glad to see nevertheless, you and YUNG (yes, that YUNG), simply make some of the best mod showcases

  9. MaxGamez :I says:

    Yo! AsianHalfSquat! I know it's not affiliated with the video In any way but can you do a review on Cracker's Wither Storm Mod for 1.16.5 and 1.18.2? It's a highly underrated mod that needs to be shown some love and probably one of my favorite boss mods out there.

  10. Ive been waiting for this video for days

  11. CrownKing says:

    AsianhalfSqat, I would love to see a new video with the best client-side mods (or to use on servers) for 1.19. Because I love modding, but I don't really want to change mechanics or anything like that. And I would love to start a Hardcore world with these mods πŸ˜€

  12. Torn Breeze says:

    The Connected Dimensions combination somehow doesn't work for me. I installed all the required mods and still the game crashes when I try to create a new world. Too bad actually, because that looks really funny, with you here in the video.

  13. Immersive weathering, Show real magic, and Serene seasons is a fantastic combination. You can also add Alex’s mobs and HT’s tree chop to make things even better.

  14. ManaCipher says:

    imagine mutant-warden

  15. that connected dimensions one feels like the hollow earthπŸ’€

  16. AFGHAN says:

    Can't file open please help me 😒

  17. Neral Masaki says:

    Is so weird, in didn't see effetive… Great video bro

  18. Demol says:

    MrCrayfish's Gun Mod's scoped rifle has a proper picture-in-picture scope. The thing that many FPS games don't do. The thing where the vision through the scope is actually zoomed in comparison to the vision around the scope.
    I. Am. Amazed.

  19. Terralith needs a smoother biome transition as well

  20. Mily Croft says:

    Can we get a review for these mods for 1.16.5?

  21. Stinky_dog says:

    Ayo what those four big guys doing in the background 🀨

  22. Dropman says:

    You can also combine Serene Seasons and Terralith with Dynamic Trees, which was updayed not long ago.

  23. There is a very cool mod called Serene Tweaks that generates snow layers in every biome that would snow when its winter with Serene Seasons, too bad its just available for 1.12.2