CRAZY 1.19 AUTO Farms in Minecraft! #Shorts

July 29, 2022 by 10 Comments

All 37 NEW 1.19 AUTO Farms:
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All 1.19 Minecraft new auto farms for full release Wild Update. First we look at the dark deep with sculk sensor, vein, shrieker afk farms and warden / catalyst auto farm. There is also frogs with magma cube for froglight farm. The next thing is the mangrove swamp auto tree farm with mangrove wood, trees, logs, mud roots, propagule. AFK mud and clay farm makes packed mud bricks too. Goat horn farm and Allay non stackable item sorters and afk Allay duplication machine are possible. Boat with chest item splitter for efficiency. Then the ancient city’s music disc 5 fragments afk sorting and secret sculk sensor traps entrance. New afk fish farm with treasure loot. Underload portal farms upgrades. Edited by ClickyMC!

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►1.19 All Farms:
Chunk Loading playlist:
Bonemeal playlist:
How did we get here advancement:

World Downloads:
Underload portal farms:
(nether fortress):

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Sculk Block, Vein, Sensor, Shreiker Farms
11400sculk, 8300veins, 5300 sensor, 500 shreiker, lv12/min,
200 warden and catalyst/hr
Froglight Spawner
1900 froglight, 180 magma cream
Big Froglight Farm
4000 froglight, 600 magma cream
Propagule farm
4600 propagule/hr
Mangrove Tree farm

Mud and clay farm
400 mud/clay /hr
Goat Horn farm
Allay item sorters
Chest boat machines
Sculk sensor detectors
1.19 AFK fish farm:
Waterlogged roots
Mob Head farm
HDWGH advancement
Portal Mini Underload farms
Wither skeleton farm
Music disc sorter

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37 NEW Auto Farms in 1.19 Minecraft! Why Dream manhunt doesnt have these new tricks, items and blocks.
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  1. Skizzrz says:

    you always got the best farms

  2. cool but…

    4 views and 7 likes???

  3. Thanks for making such good farms

  4. Fishing farm back in the game is imo the best thing of 1.19.84