The 1994 Victor V-Saturn Console + Fenrir Optical Drive Emulator

July 29, 2022 by 26 Comments

Checking out the Victor V-Saturn, a Japanese Sega Saturn game console sold by the company better known (to me) as JVC. The Vサターン RG-JX1 is a variant I’ve had my eye on for years. And the fact that it’s modded with a Fenrir ODE is extra appealing since I’ve never used one. Until now! So here’s a quick overview of the V-Saturn and a demonstration of the Fenrir ODE. And then the rest is just games, heh.

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26 Replies to “The 1994 Victor V-Saturn Console + Fenrir Optical Drive Emulator”

  1. LGR says:

    Fun fact: K-B Toys was so annoyed with Sega's botched launch of the Saturn that they didn't sell them. To quote their vice president at the time: "Going back to E3 in May 1995, when Sega decided to launch early, the company excluded us from its list of retailers, and that has hurt them tremendously. It hurt them really bad. Based on that alone we decided not to carry Saturns."

    So it probably was not the mall store that I remember. Electronics Boutique used to be over near that same section of the mall so that'd be my second guess. Either way, the sight of a big pile of unsold Saturn games is the thing that sticks out in my mind! Poor Saturn, Sega really shot themselves in the foot.

  2. David Coltri says:

    Fire up Sonic Jam and go into the 'Sonic World' to get a real idea of what a 3D Sonic game on the Saturn could have been like.

  3. Idk Misc says:


  4. Did I miss for what PC game you traded this beauty? Was it some kind of limited edition, as a modded V-Saturn is hard to come by. Otherwise congrats on the uptrade.

  5. Hard to tell, but is the victor logo on the front the same as the hmv logo?

  6. Saki says:

    Dragon Force is my favorite Saturn game. A gem unlike any other strategy title. I wish that someone would create a modern game with similar mechanics.

  7. Makes me miss my genisis and dreamcast.
    I had that one console that could play both in the same system.

  8. DOS Storm says:

    1:31 Aww Man I love Sonic R on PC, its terrible but so good at the same time.

  9. Josh Butler says:

    That start up sound is also very different from the normal Saturn boot audio.

  10. David Green says:

    Phar-mor! That unlocked a core memory! The HQ was near where I grew up. Unfortunately, the owner was corrupt, went to jail, and the company folded.

  11. sfs2040 says:

    Ironically I remember PS1 and N64 marketing as a kid but I was a teen browsing the 2009 internet before I learned about the Saturn.

  12. Joe Hanson says:

    You should try out BULK SLASH. It's a billboard sprite in a 3d environment behind the back mech game with anime lady handlers in the earpiece

  13. Well, now that there is a precedent, if you're ever interested in trading some of those Big Box Resident Evil games for a Turbo Duo, let me know. Just kidding… No seriously.

  14. I love the Saturn, i'd also recommend checking out a game called Silhouette Mirage, it was only ever released on the Saturn and PS1, it was fun arcadey run-and-gun/RPG game

  15. Aug Steyr says:

    Wonderful system, I play the emulator in my cellphone the shining force series that ….hum…I.. physically.. own…… Anyways, such a time drainers.

  16. You post this as I'm humming and hawing about getting a Gotek and compact flash adaptor for my old Amiga. It just makes sense, half my floppies are dead and the hard disk is making some funny sounds.

  17. Sims 4 high school review ?? 🙂

  18. Chemical_E says:

    I spent a fortune last year on ODE's for my Dreamcast, PS1, and Saturn- including the Fenrir. Such a wonderful little device practically crucial for owning a Saturn these days given how expensive physical copies are and how much those old CD lasers struggle.

  19. Bobby Nick says:

    I had a saturn, and it was a good console with great games.
    To bad some of those games never were ported to other consoles
    or got pc ported, Even the sega saturn ports never got some pc ports
    or re-released and they got added features that the arcade versions didn't have.

    Still want a Fighters megamix Remaster or Remake.

  20. Zoidberg says:

    One day I will get he V-Saturn to pair with my JVC Broadcast monitor, such a nice looking system. Always love the Saturn appreciation, a wonderfully overlooked system til recently.

  21. Meatpockets says:

    I worked at GameStop/FuncoLand and they didn’t sell it even in the early 2000’s. I was able to buy one + games off a customer who couldn’t trade it in. I wish I held on to Dragon Force :/

  22. Luis Valente says:

    You really need to add Guardian Heroes to your collection. it's probably my favorite Saturn game, and a must-have.

  23. This is why I adore this channel so! You have the most finest of taste Clint! I recommend a Brook adapter for using modern controllers and arcade sticks. X-Men Vs. Street Fighter is the game that made me scoop a Saturn up!

  24. I always wanted to have Sega Satan in my collection. With optical drive emulator I will certainly buy it someday👍

  25. Bat Country says:

    pretty orgasmic to get a notification to tell you LGR just uploaded a new video when you've been bingeing LGR for an entire day

  26. Ryuu Hijou says:

    I would not going to say a word at 2:40 XD