BEST ∞ Auto WARDEN Farm in 1.19 Minecraft! TUTORIAL

August 1, 2022 by 24 Comments

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New infinitely auto farms for 1.19 Minecraft Wild Update. Based off of my original warden farms this one produces 200 warden or catalyst or 4000/hr.

►All Farms in Minecraft:
Sculk blocks farm:
Chunk Loading playlist:
Discover of villager mob switch:
Shulker, wither, dragon mob switch discovery:

World Downloads:
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0:00 Intro
0:15 Warden farm uses
1:45 Explanation and Tutorial
11:25 playerless warden farm

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37 NEW Auto Farms in 1.19 Minecraft! Why Dream manhunt doesnt have these new tricks, items and blocks.
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24 Replies to “BEST ∞ Auto WARDEN Farm in 1.19 Minecraft! TUTORIAL”

  1. Rays Works says:

    I came up with the best Warden farm that runs infinitely! What will you use the Warden farm for?

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  2. Notification squad

  3. TMBOO says:

    this is going to be very useful for my coliseum

  4. hello world says:

    Only legends know that this thing is already shown by sb737

  5. hello world says:

    Only legends know that this thing is already shown by sb737 or even inspired by him

  6. Domagoj Kos says:

    early, great farm keep it up!

  7. Uh not too sure about your claim at 0:55. Pretty bold to say every single mob switch, you discovered

  8. Is it not possible to push Shriekers with pistons and keep the spawning properties?

  9. Way! says:

    Mojang: "Wardens are unbeatable mobs, you are supposed to run from them!" Minecraft Technical Community: "Is that a challenge?"

  10. Awesome video! Ur math skills are insane!

  11. uju 285 says:

    Funfact rays if u get a catalis and just kill enof pigs or somthing u can have a natural one spawn at like 200