How Minecraft PROS use Allays for the Impossible. TUTORIAL + Breeder

August 13, 2022 by 15 Comments

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Explanation and tutorial of my previous Allay item sorters. From simple and fast to compact and efficient these non stackable auto sorters, great for storage systems! Plus afk auto allay breeder machines.

►All Farms in Minecraft:
Raid farm:
Bartering/gold farm:
AFK fish farm:
Diamond armor Skeleton farm:

World Downloads: World Download: (general)
(raid farm)
NBT/Schematics: (allay sorter)
(allay breeder)
Material list in pinned comment.

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0:00 Intro
1:58 3 allay per row
9:31 1 allay per row
13:45 4 allay bartering sorter
21:44 9 allay per row
26:38 AFK allay breeder

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15 Replies to “How Minecraft PROS use Allays for the Impossible. TUTORIAL + Breeder”

  1. Useless mosquitoes.

  2. Me on bedrock: hm, yes very interesting

  3. Faulty Cow says:

    I think allays were the only thing I really liked about the update lol.

  4. Rays Works says:

    All the juicy details in order to make a PRO level allay item sorter! Which one will you use?

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  5. Jayyusi says:

    But what's the advantage to using allays? (nvm i get it now)

  6. MKK4559 says:

    When I got 2 allays, I gave them amethyst shards until I had 25. It was so fun watching them float around everywhere especially considering my house was just a floor with fences in a jungle tree.

  7. I just love how You explain and show every little tweak in any update, and I appreciate Your help, because it actually helps and improves my knowledge in Minecraft. Thanks, RaysWorks 😊

  8. Tabam says:

    The water potions and the fire resistance potions are sorted by the same allay?

  9. Thanks!
    I really didn't understand the ALLAY system till now.

  10. TarsalDegree says:

    I am pretty srue6sb737 will build this.

  11. Wissionary says:

    Me: finally, after finishing the raid farm storage system I can finally rest
    Rays works: Here is how you can sort all the unstackable items